Discussing homosexuality


Your opinion is judgemental. He’s correct in saying that. Why do you care? You were judging him.


That post said the guy had a partner. This sounds paranoid.


This is such a hot button issue, that it basically cannot be discussed - even here.

You did your part, and probably paid for it.


Homosexuality is really not something born or a choice. I think its weird why some dont know this yet. Its a mental state. Like if you are borned to eat apples that doesnt mean you cant adapt to other stuff. Now this doesnt mean its wrong being you, if you are into dudes that is just who you are. However it is more normal to be heterosexual since DNA is programmed to be that in both animals and humans, only minority are other stuff this includes gay or other stuff you know fetishes etc, like you are not borned to love horses even if one really likes them “not to compare it to it as morale since animals cant consent but the overall people who are into it is just to compare its a minority stuff and most are just programmed to be into heterosexuality”. But overall i prefer gays living in a heterosexual culture over gay culture since i consider heterosexual culture superior due to it being more normal. But that doesnt mean its wrong being gay, aslong as you dont promote sexually manipulative environments or exploitative stuff, this is anyone in general btw then yeah. I dont see why anyone would really be against it if you are a good honest person. But yeah the overall manipulative nature i am not a huge fan of.


It is indeed, and it’s good that you realize that. Me, I never use it as a defense against being called “judgmental”.

That’s the way the modern world is: relativism is what modern man expects, indeed demands, of his fellows. You’re supposed to subscribe to “Well, if that’s what works for him, what’s wrong with it.” Or “to each his own”. Or “different strokes for different folks”. Whoever says something that goes against this unwritten social protocol, gets called “judgmental” first, a “bigot” next.

Generally speaking, you have no moral duty to speak out. So I wouldn’t recommend speaking out in company that will just condemn you for it. It’s time wasted, and frustration brought on yourself.

There is an exception though: speaking out becomes a moral obligation if by doing so you are really making a difference. E.g. someone is about to do something that you know is wrong – then you must speak out. Or, someone else in your company is being ridiculed for taking a Catholic stance on matters. Or, someone is deceiving others. In such cases you must speak out.


Thank you, I did find Tis_Bearself’s post offensive


According to your logic, being a practicing Catholic is being judgemental. The reason society has gotten to the point gay marriage is allowed is because there aren’t enough people speaking out against these things


Well, Canada is certainly one of those countries where we have gay bars and gay parades. Toronto has an annual gay parade and it is in the news that the police were not invited. The news portrays it as if the police are being punished because anyone who is anybody gets to go. The mayor always attends to show his suppot (personally I think it is to secure his job)

Up until a few months ago the province of Ontario had a gay premier. A woman who brag about coming out of the closet. Never did she mention the harm it did her kids when she left their father.

It is sad how the gay agenda is bullying people into silence


It innately is. You have strong feelings on how others should be living their lives, that’s a judgement. You then tell them such, that is being judgemental. Here’s the dictionary definition; https://en.oxforddictionaries.com/definition/judgemental

And why does that matter to you?


NO, I have strong feelings towards doing what Jesus wants me to do and we are called to spread the gospel. That’s why it matters to me. I want to do what Jesus commands. I am just asking how to go about it. Keeping silent is a way of encouraging behaviour


That’s called having strong feelings on what others should do. Which leads to being judgemental.

But hey, judgemental is a thing. Don’t get so hung up on it. I’m plenty judgemental about a lot of things. I’ll happily say I am super judgemental about racists for instance.


All you needed to answer in that case was a non-committal grunt.
If he had asked your opinion (“he moved out with his partner…isn’t that so sweet?”), well then you may state your opinion because it was asked.


Please, extra special just for the bear!! Lets extend our tolerance and comprehensive an extra mile, or two. Her posts have consistently and steadily provided me with much appreciated and needed creative catholic writing. And she’s a real sweetie pie all around :slight_smile: I think the bear will be a “young wild spirit”, roaming the woods, till the day she goes to heaven. And if, amidst that, from time to time, we get a counter-culture revolutionary, with a NYC yuppie big-time lawyer Manhattan touch to it, let us appreciate the bear in her own “avant-guard”, having lived through and seen those days, those decades. There will still be “sweet old catholic ladies” left in the US as long as the bear roams the urban jungle, and the CAF wilds…

And her willingness, and readiness, to always engage in a conversation - is one of the most direct humane ways I so much appreciate in Catholic solicitude.

Did I ever say “Thank you” for all you have done for me @Tis_Bearself ?


Adgloriam, you are very kind and a nice friend.

I recognize that I am blunt. Bears are not subtle creatures.

In this society, people are getting offended by stuff about every 2 minutes. While I try to be charitable, occasionally one just has to call a spade a shovel and if somebody gets offended, too bad.

We ALL make judgments all day every day. I make judgments myself. And yes, deciding that somebody is or isn’t committing sin and calling them out on it is judgmental. That’s just how it is. Like I said, if you’re going to do it, own it, and own the consequences.


Yes, it is. I made a judgment. I own it. I take the flak for it (OP is not happy with me, maybe others are not).
I also freely state that I make judgments daily and I constantly wrestle with what to say and not say because judgment must be balanced with charity and mercy and it is hard to do this as perfectly as Christ.
I pray constantly for guidance.

You can also find many other threads where I and everybody else on here make judgments, as they are a normal part of expressing an opinion. The alternative is keeping silent, and sometimes people feel that is not the best thing to do as they don’t want to encourage sin or feel that the point they are making is important to the discussion.


I am a same-sex attracted man, and I would like to state for the record that not all of us are sex-crazed predators pushing ‘an agenda’ (whatever that might mean). Most of us lead quiet lives where we try our best to pay our bills, do our various civic duties and generally contribute in a positive way to the health and prosperity of the communities in which we live. The vocal element that one often sees on the news, at the Pride events, and portrayed sometimes as over-the-top caricatures on television programs is just the tip of the iceberg. As a devout Catholic, I have renounced acting on my impulses, and pray daily for the grace and strength to continue carrying my cross of SSA. I can understand the impulse many here have to make clear their opposition to acceptance and normalisation of homosexuality and to do their bit toward fighting the increasing power of relativism in society. However, please remember that to make invidious distinctions between say, homosexual fornication and heterosexual adultery, for example, really does no favors to your same-sex-attracted brethren who are attempting chastity and continence. To single us out for particular condemnation purely on the basis of our orientation is discouraging and depressing. I think it rather self-evident that if one is a faithful Catholic, it can be safely assumed that one has a certain position on moral and ethical matters that does not require clarification at every turn. Thanks for reading this, and I hope my post does not come off as bitter or haranguing, as such was not my intent.


This is a bit absurd. I’m attracted to both men and women, but I assure you my attraction to men does not subside when I let myself stare a long while at sexy women. I respect what you’re trying to do, but it doesn’t work. Indeed, men who lack any attraction to women will just find the practice you recommend reinforcing their own lack of attraction.


Um, SSA doesn’t work that way. :roll_eyes:


You honestly shouldn’t have said a single thing.


I really enjoyed reading you post however, I need to comment on the following quote

It is my experience that stating I am Catholic does NOT make people aware of my stance on anything. I know a 13 year old girl. She mentioned something about a pride flag. And I had to tell her I was opposed. She has attended the occasional Catohlic service. And she literally asked me if homosexuality was a sin and if it said so in the bible.

The younger people have NO idea what is considered sin and that is why I feel we need to speak up. How will people know if something is a sin if no on tells them

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