Discussing homosexuality


It is good that you gave witness to the Catholic position.


There are other Catholics, such as myself, who would not have an issue with a Pride flag and would see it simply as an expression of human dignity for a group of people who were subject to discrimination and violence in the past.

There is a very wide spectrum of viewpoints under the “Catholic” umbrella, even among those who earnestly try to live their faith.


The only thing that that is guaranteed to do is freak some women out.


Of course! He invites her in for a drink, starts talking about the gays. . . that’s how it works these days.


I think it was a joke and the scenario was a bit unclear at first.


I hope you didn’t tell her that “homosexuality” is a sin. According to the CCC “homosexuality” also means same sex attraction, which is not a sin. “Homosexuality” doesn’t simply mean sex with a person of the same sex.

Hopefully you didn’t get into sexual details with a thirteen year old. Perhaps you should consider approaching her parents first, who have moral authority over her.


I was going to make a satirical comment, but it would have been over the line.

So just think of something funny amongst yourselves instead.


There was a Simpsons episode where Homer was afraid that Bart would turn gay because he had been friendly with a gay man. (as we know, this is how they convert you to being gay)

Homer had spend the day staring at a billboard picturing bikini-clad women advertising cigarettes. At the end of the day, Homer asked him how he felt, and Bart said something to the effect of, ‘kinda bored, but I could sure use a smoke.’


No, not unless Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania is somewhere in Britain.
Born and raised in the shadow of the three rivers, but spent the past 20-some-odd years living about 240 miles east of Pgh.


It’s the “look long and hard” part that is creepy. The “dwell on it” could also get really creepy.


Just to clarify; that tactic won’t work. I know, I’ve tried it in my foolish youth. You can’t create sexual attraction where there is none. :slight_smile:


Where in Earth is it 32…oh. That’s C not F.


Like I always say “Et passionis eius sortem, et plagas recolere.”


You know — i don’t think someone saying “my tenant moved out to be with his boyfriend” was a time to say “THAT IS SINFUL”. He was simply reporting events. If he started talking about current events and solicited your opinion that is another matter or talking about his feelings that he was wrestling with about his gay tenant, that is another matter. There are times to “speak out” and be heard and there are times to listen to people and develop the relationship and then speak up about something when there is a level of trust there (you suddenly are believeable to them)

There are things I say when I barely know someone and things I say when i know them well. GAYNESS IS A SIN doesn’t typically go over well for someone you barely know. In fact, I don’t say that, I instead talk about my belief in marriage between one man and one woman and why I do and in turn why homosexuality is not compatible with it I get a lot better reception and make the same point without having someone close down with some fire and brimstone.

I just don’t think it was the right opening to launch into that discussion. The LANDLORD was not the one sinning.


Well as someone with SSA/is gay, the issue is more the fact you came out and said you think he’s sinning. Your friend is probably well aware of what particular Christian types think of him and his partner. In my opinion, I don’t think your approach was the best way to bring Christ to someone.

Of course, I know you simplified the story, and you could be the most compassionate person in the world. But in general, your approach is not going to work. Identifying someone else’s sin is not the best step in talking about the Gospel — at least, not if it’s the only thing we bring up.


If there is a rainbow flag on a church or a shop or on someone’s home, etc., it tells gay people that those are likely to be safe places for them. If someone wears a rainbow pin of some sort, it could say that that is a safe person for gay people, too. There was a time when LGBT people faced a lot more hostility than what they do now, and they still do face hostility in certain parts of the country. So, these flags can serve a practical purpose.


What is this “safety” that you gays are looking for? No place is safe. Every conversation has the potential for someone to be at odds with you. If you feel you can defend your position, defend it. I have to defend my beliefs everyday, and there is no safe space for me.

T’is is incorrect stating that one can be earnestly trying to live the faith, and at the same time have one’s head in the sand when it comes to the Pride flag. It’s not just a flag demarcating “safe” space, nor is it a commiseration on past suffering. It is a call to arms. They want to fight anybody who disagrees with them. Woe to the mayor who does not want to raise their flag. They co-opt the pretty colours of the rainbow to promote a false ideology.

As to the OP, you did the right thing. You took a hit for God. Being called judgemental is par for the course.

If the guy you spoke to was trying to get you to be interested in him for a relationship, you especially did the right thing. He’s not the guy for you and his analysis about the tenant is most likely incorrect. That tenant is most likely still depressed.


I’m not gay, but I think gay people like to have a reasonable expectation that they won’t be harassed or physically threatened. It goes way beyond someone in a conversation being at odds with them.

I also don’t think I’m “incorrect”. We disagree. This doesn’t automatically make you right and me wrong, or make me have a “head in the sand” because I don’t think like you do (on this or on about 2 dozen other topics that have come up).


How would you know that? Do you think that gay men are naturally depressed or something?


Could be.

But what I originally meant is if this guy was depressed in any real sense, running out to be with his gay buddy isn’t going to permanently change his mental state. His depression will likely return. Likewise, heterosexual depressed people don’t just solve their problems by getting attached.

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