Discussing homosexuality


I guess it depends on what was causing his depression. Maybe being in the closet is what was depressing him.


Logically, gay people could never expect to be free from harassment based on being in a building with a flag on it. It would actually leave them more open to targeting. Now the rednecks would know where to find them.

But alas. Fortunately, they are now more worshipped than harassed, and they get so many plum jobs working for universities, government, and television. They have nothing to fear at all.


His closet probably has all kinds of beautiful clothes in it. He probably videotaped himself designing and building the closet, and is touting its specifications to his buddies. I wouldn’t worry about his closet except that’s where they stuff the religious people once they’ve done taking away our rights.


But it sounds like it will have all kinds of beautiful clothes in it, surely you think religious people would be equally fine in there?


In some places it provides actual physical safety. An assurance that this club will not accept or look the other way if there is homophobic or transphobic violence. Not just mean words; violence. While the world is getting better in that regards it is still a real assurance in some places.

I’m sorry to hear that your church and any Christian study group you go to is constantly violent towards you, Lara. I know most religious folks consider those places safe.


Seriously? That’s the empathy you have for people who’ve had to spend their lives hiding who they are. Who lived in fear of losing friends and family and jobs, and even their lives. Your “Christian” response is mockery?


Did anyone touch on the fact that some people think it’s a sin to not admonish the sinner?


That particular sinner wasn’t present to be admonished.


This was a case of admonishing the sinner’s former landlord, who does not sound to be himself gay.


That’s what you don’t get. Now it’s religious believers who have to hide who they are, and live in fear of losing their jobs, their families, all for following the Church’s teachings. If we don’t support gay people in their desire to form a “marriage”, direct challenges come to us. Read what people in the marriage industry (photographers, bakers, marriage commissioners etc.) have to endure for following their consciences. Read about Bill Whatcott who sought to warn gay people at a pride event of the health consequences to their behaviours. Now he faces jail time.

When you read my line about religious people being stuffed into closets, did you feel even one pang of pain, knowing we have to hide our beliefs our whole life. There are many jobs in which religious people have to stomach all sorts of falsehoods about the LGBT, and even promote those falsehoods to keep our jobs.


You’d think this would promote empathy and self awareness in a person helping make them feel it was bad that gay folks were forced into such a situation. But nope.


It’s not safe in this forum, for instance. I thought it would be when I joined, but there are many non-Catholic beliefs floating around here.


Okay; have you been yelled at, mocked or threatened on the forum? Because I know for a fact the moderators don’t allow that.

And your church allows you to be harassed? I’d speak with your priest if that’s happening to you.


It’s not empathy you want me to feel but payback. Only one group can be out of the closet, because the two viewpoints are at war. Take, for example, how children are being taught at school. If you are an LGBT supporter, you will think it’s fine to teach them homosexual relationships are okay, that there are diverse home configurations and they’re almost all okay. If you are a religious person, you will think it’s fine to teach them homosexual relations are sinful and oppose God. Only one can be right with God.


Actually I am a religious person and a school teacher. I don’t think anyone should be in the closet and I don’t understand how you can lack empathy on that point. It is perfectly possible for gay folks to not be forced into the closet while also having religion be a thing.

I have to ask again; does your church really allow you to be harassed inside of it? Are you study groups in your parish so full of hate towards you? This is really worrying.


You’re making a straw man argument. I never said the Church is a violent place. Now you think that a building with a pride flag is safe. I have my doubts. As I stated no place is safe. Gays themselves are notoriously violent with one another.


So… your church is a safe space? Or is it violent? I’m confused.


This is false. Religion cannot just be a thing. It informs every aspect of life.


That’s called being a thing. Existing.


If you are religious, do you promote the Catholic view on moral teachings at school?

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