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I’d like to make this thread to post here any comments about JWs one may have


Bible Steve,

if you happen to come here… I’ve one question for ya.

What do you personally think is the weakest point of JWs/WT?


Jeff, you?

When you look back, what do you think was the weakest point of JWs/WT?

Anyone else’s opinion is very welcomed!



JWs are peaceful there is no doubt about it.
At times they are not reasonable. They don’t follow a Book (OT or NT) they follow the WT magazine.

They are very organized and they try to evengelize others, that is no problem. I know how to welcome and respond to them from my own experience. I don’t know why my Catholics friends get upset about them.


Since Jesus left no written Word of GodAllahYHWH revealed on him, or authenticated by him when he last departed from Galilee; hence my Catholic friends believe many creeds created by the Catholic Clergy not originated by Jesus himself in person.


Weakest point…I spent 8 years having a weekly discussion with the leaders of the JWs in my city in Spain until they gave me up as a hopeless case. I would say the way they constantly change the date for the end of the world. In 1914 they said “millions now alive will never see death”…now that is changed. Take the book “Children” written in the 30’s, the couple decided not to get married because the end is so close they would not have time to bring the children up. (N.B. the children would be in their 70’s now) I asked them why they did not study English since the Watchtower is in Brooklyn in the USA , they said the end of the world was so close they would not have time to learn it…hmmmmmmmmm that was about 20 years ago.


Was their usual response that the WT never predicted that it would happen? Only that how “appropriate” that would been? What did they say in response to their failed prophecies?


I could also right down a word on a peice of paper and claim it to be authentic and inspired by God. But unless these words bear fruit they cannot come from God. :confused:

Jesus however never received any words from any Angel, although angels did help him on his mission. All Jesus’ words came from God the Father directly. Jesus knew the Fathers will and mind because they have one will and one mind.

Mohamed instead boasts he got some so called divine revelation from an angel.:rolleyes: Satan can easily deceive humans, by perhaps showing itslef as an ‘angel of light’. Muslims have no idea how dangerous muhameds teachings are.

I pray that Jesus can release muslims from the snares of the devil and that He can show them the truth, which can only be taught by the power of the Holy Spirit which comes from the father and the Son.

Paarsurrey, why dont you ask Jesus for help? Let the teachings of Mohamed burn away from your heart. And then fill your heart with Christs presence and love.

Praying for the conversion of muslims:)



This would be out of the topic of the thread, but since you have started it, I shall have to resond, as I respect your faith.
I consider Jesus only a ProphetMessenger of God like I have several time mentioned, may be you have not read it. Jesus status as defined by him and and as stated in the OTBible among the Jewish Prophets is (above) between Jonah and falls short of the status of Moses.

We Ahmadi Muslims only pray directly to GodAllahYHWH and don’t pray addressing to a human being (Muhammad included), so it is not possible for me to pray to Jesus, unless somebody with rational and reasonable arguments proves to me and convinces me otherwise.

You could pray as you like; let us see the result of your prayers but meanwhile you could present your rational and, reasonable arguments to proves to me and convince me otherwise to your faith. You are most welcome.



The weakest point is that they do not believe that Jesus Christ is God, the Second Person of the Blessed Trinity.


For pawel15


If you like to respond then please respond in the thread:

Punishment for claimant of deity in OTBible



I’d like to ask any JW - current or ex - what do they say let’s say on the complete misquotation and misrepresentation of their quotations of various scholars/Church Fathers in their booklet “Should you believe in the Trinity”? …


It is my experience, in talking to JW’s, that they are not interested in hearing correct quotations, and are not disturbed by the changes made in their translation of the Bible.

However, when we can, we need to point out these things to them.



did you try to prove them from their NWT translation that given their insertion of Jehovah in the NT, we can show them that it would be actually Jesus who is Jehovah?


I can’t say that I have…our conversations never went there precisely.

I usually focus on what I believe as a Catholic, (Eucharist, etc.) and that I do not accept what the JW’s teach.

I suspect that some of the JW followers are former, poorly-catechized Catholics.


I’ll be now engaging a sister of my friend who is a Catholic that studied theology but now after meetings with JWs stopped going to Church…

That would be my first “real” experience to try to help somebody like this. But it’s not about arguments, it’s about truth. I know the arguments are means to the end. But - thus important I think.


Jeff, you?

When you look back, what do you think was the weakest point of JWs/WT?

Hi Zemi:

Books have been written on this. However, the weakest point in my opinion is the Governing Body’s claim of religious authority. I discuss this in some detail at the following link:


Also, you may find some of my podcasts helpful in understanding what JWs and how we might effectively share the authentic Gospel with our JW friends.

You can download those for free at the following website:


(Also if you like the podcasts please vote for them at podcastalley.com so others will see them and listen to them.)

Jeff S.


Hi Jeff and thank you!

I know your site, it’s great! I’ll check all the links. I just listened to you yesterday in CAF radio archives.

I’ll vote for your podcasts :thumbsup:

Thank you


Jeff, what about showing them this passage from Dt?

know that, even though a prophet speaks in the name of the LORD, if his oracle is not fulfilled or verified, it is an oracle which the LORD did not speak. The prophet has spoken it presumptuously, and you shall have no fear of him.
(Dt 18,22)

Will they claim they (WT) are not inspired?


They actually claim that the Watchtower Society is “spirit directed”…which means that they can err in matters of faith and morals as shown by their constant appeal to “new light”.

Basically it works this way…when the Watchtower prints something on faith and morals it is to be considered by JWs as “present truth” which means that it can change in the future. However, the JW is to accept it as the truth on high from God right now and disputing it can result in some sort of disciplinary action such as shunning.

Of course having “present truth”, “past truth”, and “future truth” means you have no truth at all and makes the word truth meaningless.

Jeff S.


Hi Zemi! I wanted to say that what I feel is their weakest point is their misinterpretation of the Bible as a whole.

They read it wrong, they translated it wrong, and claim to have it all figured out. They even “study” it wrong w/WT magazines and strange books published by the WT.

Oh, and I’m w/Jeff on the governing body one too. Their religous authority seems strange to me.

Oh, the blood thing… they’re a bit strange, but they (not all) are very nice people, otherwise, I would’ve never married my DH.

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