Discussion on infallibility - feel like joining in?

I thought that I would come here to see if there were any Catholics who would want to enter into a discussion started by a comment of a friend of mine on a Protestant’s blog. I think that the discussion began with the abuse scandal but has moved mainly on towards infallibility:


The main issue is that the Protestants involved think that personal sin on the part of a pope proves that the pope can’t be infallible (not due to a confusion between impeccability and infallibility but based mainly on statements like “I don’t see how a sinful person could claim to be infallible” and Bible quotations about knowing a person by his fruits).

Someone also briefly tried to prove celibacy wrong with the “husband of one wife” argument.

I’d jump in, but I don’t have time at the moment. :slight_smile:

I threw in a response but I can’t foresee lurking. There’s an awful lot of obstinance in the thread.

It is against forum rules to invite people from this forum to post on a thread in another board.

Ah, is it? I didn’t see anything in the forum rules about it. If it is, my mistake (though I would think such a rule unfortunate)! :slight_smile:

I’m not interested in reading the thread, but I do find it amusing when protestants want to tell US what OUR doctrines mean, and then debate us using THEIR definition.

And, of course, celibacy is just a rule, not a doctrine, and thus has nothing to do with infallibility. The Church could change the rules of celibacy any time, but doctrine can never change.

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