Discussion topic Scripture states God drove the man out of the Garden of Eden. The woman wasnt mentioned

Their sin, both Adam and Eve, was disobeying God, rebellion, wanting to become like God in knowledge.
They could have said no, both of them, regardless of crafty cunning serents hissing in their ear :snake:

I believe it goes back to who God held responsible for all that had happened. God created Adam, then from his rib created Eve to be a helpmate (Gen 2). During the Fall, God goes to Adam as the one responsible first, then to Eve, then the serpent. Then he curses the serpent, then Eve, delivering Adam the harshest curse of the three. I think the fact that the scriptures only mention the man because of his position of responsibility, assuming the woman will go with the man.

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There is a pattern in the text of the Old Testament n some verses you have well highlighted here.


It highlights and brings home a point and was well understood by the ancient biblical authors

God is the Author of Sacred / Holy / Of and From God - Scriptures

God is the author of life. God used humans, over several thousand years and many generations, as the authors of Sacred Scripture. Look up the meaning of the word.

God Authored SACRED Scripture - He used Humans as His Scribes… not authors…

Again Look up the definition,

See the following excerpt from para. 11 of Pope Paul VI’s Dei verbum:

In composing the sacred books, God chose men and while employed by Him they made use of their powers and abilities, so that with Him acting in them and through them, they, as true authors, consigned to writing everything and only those things which He wanted.


No need to.

God Authored SACRED Scripture - He used Humans as His Scribes…

Are you saying

is incorrect?

Do you know more then the Magisterium on this issue?


Adam did not ask for a divorce

They are Angels. Are you confusing Ezekial’s visions?

We cannot say when procreation first occured

I must strongly disagree here. Scripture forbids them both from eating from the tree of knowledge of good and bad, both humans.

Where and why do you translate the Hebrew word for nakedness as perverted behaviour? Or as a Euphamism?

What is the Hebrew word for naked, how can it be translated, what are its roots

The Hebrew word for nakedness עֶרְוָה 'erwah (also the adjective עָרוֹם 'arom [naked]) and crafty/wise עָרוּם 'arum are both derived from the same triconsonantal root ע־ר־ם (’ - r - m).

A good example of this relationship being deployed for rhetorical purposes can be read in Gen 2:25: Adam and Eve are described as עַרוּמִּים 'arummim (naked) and then in the next verse (3:1), the snake is characterised as עָרוּם 'arum (crafty).

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A great example of the Biblical Hebrew author’s use of paronomasia , present throuughout the Old Testament .

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101 In order to reveal himself to men, in the condescension of his goodness God speaks to them in human words: “Indeed the words of God, expressed in the words of men, are in every way like human language, just as the Word of the eternal Father, when he took on himself the flesh of human weakness, became like men.”

** Through all the words of Sacred Scripture, God speaks only one single Word, his one Utterance in whom he expresses himself completely:

You recall that one and the same Word of God extends throughout Scripture, that it is one and the same Utterance that resounds in the mouths of all the sacred writers, since he who was in the beginning God with God has no need of separate syllables; for he is not subject to time.


Shall there be anything else?

Where exactly does this say what you claim

What exactly are you referring to by that comment?

We are discussing the authors of divinely inspired Scripture.

That discussion was completed when I informed you that

God is the Author of Sacred Scriptures

Anything Else?

This is not a discussion of sexist ordering. Or sexist anything. Please leave any bias in that direction , at the door.
Please read my original post before we go further.

This is also not a discussion of any law either.

I look forward to a discussion based on what is written rather then on personal attacks.

Perhaps you could tone back the personal attack and enter into the spirit if the discussion. We were going well when you brought up the word translated as naked that also, as another pointed out, means crafty and cunning. Which by the way is also related to the crafty cunning serpent idiom.

There you go, another personal attack , read CAF rules.
Trolls use personal attacks on forum in my experience.

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