Disgraced Priest to Celebrate Prison Release

Disgraced Delray Beach priest Rev. John Skehan to celebrate prison release with prayers on Sunday

Skehan’s original (public) defense for stealing millions from a Delray Beach parish was that he was the CEO of a multimillion dollar corporation and deserved to be compensated accordingly. His defense amounted to an attack on the Diocese (Palm Beach), which sided with the prosecution. In one sense this is gratifying, as it shows a criminal priest being brought to justice.

I wonder* what lawyer* would have mounted such a defense.

I forget the lawyers name, though as Casey Stengel said, “You could look it up.” The defense became more nuanced at trial, focusing on the lax accounting of the Diocese. It proved so lax that the two priests were (each) charged with theft of $100,000 even though Skehen stole many millions of dollars. (8.7 went missing between the two priests.) The priests argued that they had discretion to spend any amount under 50,000 without anyone else’s approval, and they understood this to mean 50,000 AT A TIME rather than annually.

I’m glad they were convicted, and it seems that the bishop was too.

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