Disgraced US prelate could be asked to skip conclave: cardinal [Global Post]

US cardinal Roger Mahony, retired from church duties as part of a paedophilia scandal, cannot be banned from the conclave to elect a new pope, but could be advised to stay away, a fellow cardinal and canon law expert said in an interview on Tuesday.

“The common practise is to use persuasion. There is no more that can be done. Cardinal Mahony has the right and duty to take part,” Velasio De Paolis, one of the 117 cardinal electors due to participate, told La Repubblica daily…

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Could Pope Benedict order Mahony not to attend the conclave?

Could he? Sure. Past Popes have certainly enacted rules for Conclave, but those have been general in nature and not specific to a particular Cardinal. I don’t think that Pope Benedict will, in the intervening days, specifically exclude Mahony.

Will his participation invalidate the results? No. Should he participate? It is not for you or I to determine this. Mahony needs to examine his conscience to determine that, much in the way that Pope Benedict examined his conscience before God to discern if he should retire.

The only way this would even matter is if the guy he voted for won by 1. Which is impossible. (I think I heard the winner needs 2/3).

The only care I see is if he recognizes that the US media will be all over him and this subject like mad, though his participation would be of no real impact.

Regardless, said media will ‘find’ (create?) all the angles they want anyway.

I’m pretty sure cardinals serve at the pleasure of the Pope so Benedict could conceivably strip him of his red hat. Doubt he will, though.

Mahony needs to examine his conscience to determine that…

It should be interesting to see what he decides to do. Although I do not believe his involvement invalidates the results, I do wonder whether his involvement is for the good of the Church (as in the whole Church).

I guess I’m sort of puzzled as to why Catholics care whether or not Cardinal Mahony votes.

The only good reason I can think of is that it might make the vote for the Pope seem tainted to non-Catholics.

If the Lord chooses to use the Cardinal’s single vote to elect the next Pope then the Lord would be doing what he has done so often in the past: use a sinner, an outcast, or a marginalized person to accomplish his will.

But we shall see what happens.

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