Disgruntled by carm.


How many believe carm doctrine and frequent here?

I have just been banned by DianeS from carm for challenging her on her prejudice for the umpteenth time. I was just wondering if there was any conscientious non-catholics here who also find it dispicable how the carm mods enforce double standards if they are challenged to discuss anything reasonably. Or possibly get some advice on getting some fairness and justice at carm?


Hey, I just was banned again for calling the reformers, deformers, of the church. Which is true. I just go there for PURE entertainment purposes. DianeS, Discerner, and the rest are just fire breathing prots with pure hatred toward catholics.


I was banned for saying immovable pride is discouraging.


I left CARM completely of my own accord. I love it here at CAF. The mods are fair and ban only those who are overtly crude.



I post over there. You can have some good discussions as long as you are willing to bite your tongue prior to hitting the submit button.

Besides, they are some really cool arcade games…


I didn’t find them too nice to their fellow protestants either… I wouldn’t take anything said there personally.

edit: I hope this doesn’t count as promotion of forum swarming…


They banned me over there…:rolleyes: before I even had a chance to post anyhthing…I’m still trying to figure that one out.:shrug: :shrug:


Yes, we want to watch that very carefully…

God bless-



I really didn’t like it over there. I was really offended by the way Catholics are treated there.:frowning: And I’m not even Catholic.

I thought about getting purposely banned. I decided that would be childish so I just deleted it from my favorites.


Did you have the cat’s eyes moving back and forth when you were there? :smiley: (whenever I read your post, I take few second staring at your cat’s eyes. haha )


Until this day, I still don’t know what the site looks like. I have heard some negative about the site, and that is enough not to make me even want to go there.

I did join some other Christian’s forums before but I think I would be better over here, so I quit there.


Yeah DianeS is rather rude and biased in her dealings. I’ve never been to a forum where moderators acted in this way. Still they’re mean to many protestants there too. Seems just mean spirited in general.


That happened to me also.


hello folks, this is not really a reply but a question. Who or what is CARM? And how can I get there? I am a firm Catholic and that place sounds like fun.
I sometimes go to the Azua Street Survivors a forum board for ex-pentecostals. As my family are Penti.'s I am working on converting them and find that the more info I can get really helps.


I post on CARM and I don’t see anything posted under your username that indicates you have been banned.


I checked your username on CARM and I don’t see anything that would indicate you were banned from their forum. If you registered in September of last year access was denied to everyone on their board for a period of time because CARM was under attack by spammers. Try logging in again.


It’s the Christian Apologetics and Research Ministry. CARM.org


Could you name some good forums with links?


While posting the URL of another (usually non-Catholic) webforum from which you were unceremoniously (and in your mind, unjustly) banned, may not be intended (on your part) to encourage others to swarm that site, with an eye to “teaching” them a thing or two about Catholicism, it is not infrequently the result.

In an effort to illuminate and explain the Catholic faith, CA makes every effort to provide our participants with a pleasant and informative place on the internet where Catholics and non-Catholics may gather.

It is our hope that respectful dialogue and discussion will lead to better faith understandings. And so in charity, we ask that our forums not be used for encouraging mass visits to other webforums. In the past these kinds of efforts, although perhaps well intentioned, leave participants at other websites with negative impressions. Additionally, it is not unknown to result in reciprocal swarming of our site - which disrupts respectful and charitable discourse, discussion, and debate - and does nothing to model charity on anyone’s part.

Just a reminder folks. If you are interested in visiting other sites, a quick google search can give you lots of options. We also have a private message system where you can discuss this with one another.

God bless-


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