Disgruntled Ex Catholics


I am so stealing this.


I remember my first grade teacher (a Dominican Sister) explaining to the Protestants in the class that Catholics aren’t Christians. We were all very confused (being 1st graders didn’t help).


Some Ex Catholic might be the ones that don’t really know much about the faith in the first place.


If they accept the Bible, why then don’t they accept the Church that put it together? I always find it curious what anti-Catholic groups, THINK we believe.




They strongly claim not to be anti-Catholic.


Then it’s gotta be true. You can’t put it on the internet if it is not true. Right?


Of course, they claim not to be anti-Catholic. “I am a Catholic Why Should I Consider Becoming A Christian “ just screams their “Catholics aren’t Christians” message.


And now we know the real reason they no longer teach in the Catholic schools! :wink:

But seriously, I’m 41. If I heard a nun say that, I would be equal confused and shocked.


Our good “friend” Jack Chick has also claimed he’s not anti-Catholic. Nuff said.

Even if that site really isn’t anti Catholic, it’s obvious that they couldn’t be more misinformed or completely wrong about our faith and what we believe.


If I heard a nun say that, I’d be speaking to her superior because she needs “coaching” at best.


I’m reading through some of these anti-Catholic articles, but don’t understand how they can rest in certainty about the Nicene-Constantinople-Chalcedon faith given their perceptions of the Church from the same period these controversies were settled, or even the continued Trinitarian developments in Western theology in the subsequent centuries (not to say eastern Christianity was without developments).


If you want an honest look at Catholic theology from a Biblical perspective I would recommend…


John concentrates on doing Apologetics directly from the Bible only.

He’s got some really good FREE talks over there.

God Bless


I had one of those teachers as well. Though she explained further regarding common usage of the term “Christian” being synonymous with Protestantism.

Still strikes me as I’ll advised for Catholics to surrender the term.


Because it isn’t once right always right, unless you want to go along parralel lines of once saved always saved.


Once right always right … Hmmm
Interesting view point


The very first paragraph in the link says; Our “conflict” with Catholicism is in regards to the proper interpretation of the Bible. These folks are surely aware that the “proper” interpretation of scripture explains why there are thousands of denominations within the protestant Christian world.

I’ll repeat something I quoted from Dr. Anders a few weeks ago. The bible is open to far too many interpretations to be the final authority for the Christian life.


Blessings to you, Learner1969. I have found the study of numerous ideologies has been most valuable toward carrying on informed discussion. Also, the more we learn about others, the better we will understand why they believe as they do. This creates an environment where peaceful and civil discourse can best take place. A heated argument with people of differing beliefs benefits very little to either side. Knowing why they have come to certain conclusions first defuses our own outrage and, in turn, theirs once they realize we are not hostile, merely interested.


And yet, it would seem for any other authority to be right, or correct, it would use the bible for normative guidelines etc.


This is true in part. The Catholic teaching, one which I have come to agree with, states that not everything can be found in the bible, so the verbal tradition which came through the apostles and handed down is equally important. Apostolic Tradition is what this is called and makes perfect sense to me. The gospels themselves say that if everything Jesus had done were to be written down it would fill more books than a library could hold. So we must trust that was was handed down, aside from what was recorded in writing, must be taken into account. Further, I don’t believe anything that comes through this tradition would be countermanded by an opposing biblical viewpoint. In my opinion, they are in harmony.

Not being Catholic myself I do understand why there is still a great deal of debate as to a final authority. But if one wishes to have the full deal, then I believe Catholicism offers the closest thing there is.

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