Disgruntled Ex Catholics


Who ever said such a thing? Not I.


But that would only be agreeing with your false representation. I never said that God could not get His message across, or that the religion of God was worthless. I believe and know for fact, it is quite the opposite. God indeed gets His message across (Isaiah 55:11). His religion is truth (John 14:6, 17:17).


It would seem, then, that God has told a lot of different people a lot of very different things. But I do agree with you in this; that it is up to me to search and discern, which is what I do. Please don’t misunderstand me, I love Christianity, especially the Catholic version of it. But I will decide for myself what the life of Jesus means for me. Perhaps that is closer to what you are saying.


Stop. This is a waste of time. You are not interested.


Quite right. God bless.


I know it has been 3 days since you posted this but I was hoping you would respond. I was talking with a guy that kept telling me nope your wrong it has to be in the mouth of two or three witnesses…

When I asked where this comes from he wouldn’t give me any reasoning other than this is how we are to interpret the Bible and if you can’t show something being taught by 2 or three witnesses in the Bible then we don’t have to follow that teaching because it shows you are misinterpreting the verse.

Would you be willing to expand on how you come about this teaching because I’ve been here for 3 years now and up until 2 months ago I have never heard anyone make this claim before.


God Bless


Oh geez, visiting that site isn’t going to do you any favours.


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