Dishonesty in Confession?

I just was in confession and am not sure if I should receive communion if I go to mass tomorrow. When is withholding information in confession a mortal sin? The priest was giving me counsel before the absolution, and he asked me if my life is unhappy or or some such question, since I confessed sinful thoughts related to depression. And I answered no, not really! Because outside of the sadness, I know that I am so blessed! God has been so, so kind and good to me, truly! It would be pretty rotten and ungrateful of me to start complaining or to tell the priest that my life is bad.

BUT! I did knowingly conceal the fact that my family has a ton of conflict, which causes a lot of my sadness, and that I deal with chronic pain. I didn’t think it was a big deal to do this, since I thought it was just counsel/conversation, vs me confessing a sin. I was thinking that my parents might be mad at me for revealing that about us, and also I didn’t want to complain about all my pains and such. I didn’t think of it before, but now I’m wondering if this is considered mortal dishonesty, since he asked me during confession? Or am I just being a worry wort? Thank you!

A family with much conflict is called: a family. Unless you willfully engaged in matter that you know to be a sin, you did not sin. You cannot sin accidentally. I think you may be the tiniest bit scrupulous?

If so, that is something to address with Father - perhaps outside the confessional.

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