Book review and lecture at the Spy Museum regarding the Socialist Soviet attempts to smear the name and character of Pope Pius XII after WW2,


It is amazing how far and how authoritative an obvious lie can appear in our modern secular institutions of academia and media.



It certainly is, and I’m glad we were able to get evidence of its falsity and the malice behind it.


Yes I think it is very important also. There seems to be a growing awareness of gathering evidence of historical events regarding the Church. It seems if there is not such proof then imaginations wander very far in all sorts of directions.

I remember being told in my Theology class that Pope Pius XII collaborated with the Nazis and that John Cornwell’s book was good scholarship which gave an honest description of events and that the Church helped Nazi’s escape justice after WW2.

When I spoke up about the Papal help for Jews it was dismissed and I was recommended to attend one of the professor’s special subjects of how Christians mistreated Jews in history. So many of my fellow students took her seriously.


I sure do hope that wasn’t supposed to be a Catholic theology course!

And you know, it’s crazy that if someone accuses the Chirch of something and someone attempts to defend the Church, it’s not accepted. Like the Church is so big, it is not *permitted *to defend itself?


Thanks for posting that, abucs, I watched it from beginning to end. One part I found highly interesting was the bit about Pope John Paul II being targeted with a hoax diary supposedly belonging to his (imaginary) ex-mistress. I found this link that talks about it a little bit more:

Also, doesn’t it seem like the speaker got the part about Putin backwards? It seems to me that Hollywood is carrying the torch of the Cultural Marxist agenda, and Putin is sort of the world’s most potent defense against it. That’s my take on it, anyway.

Oh, and the parts dealing with Pope Pius XII were just fantastic.:thumbsup:


Disinformation? I wonder which member of the Global High Cabal of Relabelers and Repackagers of reality thought of that one. I prefer the original, correct word - lying.



I think St Francis that there is out there in certain quarters a politically correct culture of not criticising certain groups. The Church seems to be exempted from that list and in fact is promoted as a ‘whipping boy’ for all that is wrong with human nature.

When academia so thoroughly gets an important aspect of the most significant historical event in living memory so completely wrong then questions have to be asked.



You also have to ask questions about their competence and biases on reporting on Church events from outside living memory. The opening of the records of the Spanish Inquisition in the 1990’s is another embarrassing rebuff to liberal historical academia.

Yes it was a Catholic university. The Australian Catholic University whose Theology department is top heavy with disgruntled militant feminists pretending to be Catholic.

Having to sit through courses designed to attack every aspect of the Catholic Church and its teachings that were intellectually ridiculous gave me a very contemptuous opinion of liberal academia. I had just stopped being an atheist on intellectual grounds and so they radicalised me the other way. :stuck_out_tongue:

I had previously completed a science degree at a secular university that was rigorous and fair. The Catholic University with its pro-liberal agenda was an intellectual and Catholic community embarrassment, although there are of course some faculty members who are there just to do a good job and teach students to be better teachers, philosophers etc.


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