Dismissed of Restitution

If you break something or a number of things by being carefree and reckless at work and your boss says you don’t have to pay it back or make restitution, do you still have to? Also, if you donate money to charity as a form of restitution instead, do you have to donate the cost it would be to repair the broken items at work?:confused:

No. Only make restitution if your confessor specifically tells you to. Ask him and if he says NO then never bring it up again because he has taken responsibility for what he tell you and God will never hold you accountable for what your priest tells you to do.

Further, the injured party (the boss) already said it was not necessary. It is therefore not necessary.

So I don’t have to pay the money to charity?

What part of “not necessary” is not clear?

Sorry man, I’m scrupulous and I can’t help it right now. Forgive me. God Bless.

I know. Which is why the same advice applies here as to all the scrupulous.

  1. Strangers on the Internet cannot help you.
  2. Believe your confessor. Unconditionally.
  3. Obey your confessor. Unconditionally.

Outside of that, nothing we say will help you. You will come here seeking relief but you will not find it.

Your boss is right. Businesses often make allowances for breakage due to employee inexperience and poor judgement.

For the employer, this is a simple business trade-off. The loss to them is offset by paying lower wages for younger and inexperienced workers. If they paid higher wages for workers with more experience, they would have lower losses but might lose money overall due to higher payroll and training expenses.

If you learn from your mistakes, you probably won’t be fired. In fact, if you make every possible mistake, but only make it once, you will probably, in time, become the new boss. :wink:

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