Disney cruise ship rescues 12 Cuban refugees in Caribbean [AP]


Disney cruise ship rescues 12 Cuban refugees in Caribbean

The U.S. Coast Guard says a passing cruise ship has rescued 12 Cuban migrants from an unseaworthy vessel in the Caribbean.

A Coast Guard spokesman in Miami says the crew of the Disney Wonder spotted the migrants southeast of Cuba. Petty Officer John-Paul Rios said the cruise ship took the migrants to its next port of call Sunday in the Cayman Islands.

There were no reported injuries but Rios said cruise ships have agreed to notify the Coast Guard if they see migrants on dangerous vessels at sea and to rescue them if necessary.

Read More at: foxnews.com/us/2016/02/15/disney-cruise-ship-rescues-12-cuban-refugees-in-caribbean.html


I am shocked that they didn’t end up in the US. They are very lucky to end up in the Caymen Islands. They would be a lovely place to live. There is a very generous social safety net. There is zero crime, and it seemed like there is economic opportunity for everyone willing to work hard.

If they are given citizenship, it may end up being incredibly fortunate.


Wow. People are still fleeing as refugees after the normalization of relations. I guess there’s no trickle-down on the making of nice.

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