Disney disses God

Here’s the story:foxnews.com/story/0,2933,302746,00.html. :rolleyes:

I listened to both ads the one with the “chosen by God” and the one without. Where they had placed “chosen by God” does sound awkward because it is right after listing the names of the voice actors in the film. I thought that even before reading the part where they said that was the reason they removed it (because it sounded like they were saying the actors were chosen by God). God is not removed from the actual film, for me this seems like much to do about nothing.

I agree - it sounded like the actors were chosen by God. It was a good edit if you ask me.



Personally, I think the movie doesn’t look that good to begin with-it looks poorly made (especially by Disney’s standards). Plus, didn’t DreamWorks just do a movie about Moses a few years back? Why did they feel the need to make another one?

Scout :tiphat:

Yes they did – The Prince of Egypt. If you haven’t seen it, it is very good. I has planned on watching it this weekend rather than waste money on this.

Fortunately, Commandments is not opening where I live.

BTW – there is a straight to video companion film to P O E, called Joseph King of Dreams. Even it looks to be superior to Commandments.

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