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I’m a lurker who just got back from WDW. I remember reading several threads a while back asking for advice regarding a Disney vacation, and I really wanted to share want my experience.

Resorts: We stayed at Animal Kingdom Lodge and loved it. It was far better than Pop Century(where we stayed last time). The rooms were spacious. The building was beautiful. The crowds weren’t too bad, and the busses were easy to board. Plus, there are beautiful views of where the animals were.

Restaurants: We had the delux dining plan. It was great, but a lot of food. We good three table or counter service meals(appetizer, entree, and dessert) a day and two snacks. We got try many thing we wouldn’t otherwise be able to afford, but we basically had to plan our trip around where we were eating. Next time we would choose just the regular plan(one counter service, one table service, and two snacks a day). This would still save us money and let us eat a lot of great food, but we would only have to make one reservation a day.

We got to eat at a lot of great restaurants. My favorites were Chefs De France(The food was just incredible, and our waiter was HOT!.), Liberty Tree Tavern(great for families with kids), Le Cellier(awesome steakhouse), and Cinderella’s Royal Table(The atmosphere and appetizers were amazing!).

We also ate at Tusker House(good buffet with losts of variety between traditional and adventurous food, great dessert, kids selections), Sci Fi Cafe(awesome setting, food kids would love), 50s Prime Time(crowded, but good home cooked food), Tutto Italia(Italian food most Americans aren’t used to. I prefer Tony’s.), and San Angel Inn(Awesome view of the river ride, but the food is nothing spectacular!).

The only restaurant I was flat out dissapointed in was Mama Melrose’s. It was like fast food Italian.

As for the parks, I highly recommend a park hopper pass. This enables you to come and go as you like. To get the most done you’ll want to come and go depending on the time and who’s opened. The first thing to do is get fast passes fir the big rides. The best times to ride are late at night(We walked right on Space and Thunder Mountains) and early in the morning and during parades(I had no desire to any of the daytime ones, but I’d highly recommend the nighttime events once.). One park always stays open late while another opens early. Take advantage of this and go back to the hotel after lunch.

Lastly, I’d like to give a list of not to miss attractions. There is so much there it’s easy to forget something.
Magic Kingdom:
Space Mountain
Splash Mountain
Thunder Mountain
The Haunted Mansion
Pirates of the Caribbean
Hall of Presidents
Peter Pan’s Flight
It’s a Small World
Pooh’s Adventure
Mickey’s Philharmagic
Buzz Lightyear’s
Corousel of Progress

Spaceship Earth
Test Track
The Seas with Nemo
The American Adventure
Boat Ride Through Mexico
Universe of Energy
Living With the Land

Hollywood Studios
Rock n. Roller Coaster
Tower of Terror
Great American Movie Ride
The Little Mermaid
Star Tours
Toy Story Ride
Muppets 3D

Animal Kingdom
Everest(It made me sick!)
The River Rapids
It’s Tough to be a Bug


Sounds like a very full and fun schedule you had at WDW! I will have to relay to my hubby, as he works in the coordination dept of arranging dining plans, etc for vacation packages. He will be interested in your feedback to hopefully, make others experiences better, as well.

We LOVE animal kingdom…just love it. It, to me, is far better than Magic Kingdom. That could be because I’m just a bit Magic Kingdomed out…my kids are now 12 and 15, and don’t appreciate it like they did when they were younger. I thought Animal Kingdom was truly like stepping into another country!:slight_smile: But Everest? Oh my…I screamed my head off …seriously, there was a man in front of me who looked back when we were going up the hill, with this look. lol I’m screaming going UP hill.:smiley: I was impressed at how fast they made that ride!!!:o


We are a family of Disney World nuts - and both of our daughters are now married and in their 20s!!! We’re within driving distance (long drive, but saves $$$, even with the gas) so we get there about once every 18 months or so, and have done so since the girls were little.

They have about a half-dozen friends who are entertainers or “cast members” there, so it makes it fun; one is a stilt-walker in the Animal Kingdon, another is often the lead in the Hoop De Doo Revue, or Jack Sparrow, a couple are strolling characters in Disney’s Hollywood Studio (formerly Disney MGM.) “Cast members” can also get you in the parks for free, which is a VERY nice perk. Dh and I prefer Epcot’s World Showcase; I could just eat my way through the restaurants! We love Le Cellier and the Japanese Teppanyaki restaurant (may have changed its name, as it had been radically done over recently.)

Older daughter ran this year’s Disney Marathon and plans to run it again this next January (glutton for punishment) so that gives us a good excuse to see her and her dh, and to get to Disney World yet again when it is not 100 degrees. I think we’ll try the Animal Kingdom Lodge, as we’ve never stayed there and have heard wonderful things. We’ve stayed at the budget and moderate resorts on site, as well, and have always enjoyed them, but I LOVE Wilderness Lodge - very Canadian Rockies.

We’ve also become quite familiar with Mary, Queen of the Universe shrine close by, since they stopped having Mass at the Polynesian resort, which we liked.

We’re just big kids, I guess :slight_smile:


So glad you had such a great vacation! :slight_smile:
We’re big fans of Disney… we have annual passes (live in Orlando) and get to the parks quite often… several time a month…

Thanks for sharing your experience and tips!
Glad you had fun! :thumbsup:


For rides I suggest going watch fireworks one night and then go back the next night and ride while everyone else is busy with the fireworks and parade.


I cannot imagine goin to DW Orlando in the middle of summer, but thats just me.


For the rides, take advantage of the FastPass system. It will cut down the time you have to wait in line for the rides.


Yeah, when we went a few years ago it was the end of October, and while we thought it was busy enough then, the staff said it was completely dead! :eek: There’s no way I’d go in summer (not to mention the heat–we went swimming on Halloween as it was!)
But I agree with most of the OP’s advice. Get the park hopper, stay at their hotels to get the free transportation, and use those times of open early or late just for hotel guests. It was amazing! I have never seen another place that paid so much attention to detail. We hope to go back in a couple years when the girls are big enough to appreciate it.


We went in 2000 during the first and second weeks of Oct. The weather was perfect and the lines were very short.


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