Disney to Buy Marvel for $4 Billion

*The Walt Disney Company announced today that it will buy comic book giant in a cash and stock deal valued at $4 billion.

The deal will give Disney ownership of more than 5,000 Marvel comic book characters, including Spider-Man, Iron Man, X-Men, Captain America and the Fantastic Four. Disney is the parent company of ABC News.*LINK

I can only hope they don’t try to Disney-ize Marvel. Is Disney turning into Umbrella Corporation from Resident Evil???

Actually, what I fear is the Marvelization of Disney. Having some of the Marvel characters like Hulk and Thor around the theme parks is, IMHO, going to seriously degrade the “Disney magic” and give the parks a real “Six Flags”-ish feel.

Is the Mickey Mouse - Punisher comic coming out soon? How about Donald Duck vs The Hulk? Excuse me, I’m feeling nauseous.


:smiley: That was my first thought as well. Oh the crossover possibilities!
*]Goofy meets Wolverine
*]Uncle Scrooge and the Fantastic Four
*]Spider-Man takes on Cruella DeVille


Let’s just hope Hannah Montana doesn’t stumble into a radiation experiment…

In an effort to revitalize both the X-Men and High School Musical franchises without having to pay the salaries of big name actors and actresses, we can now eagerly anticipate:

High School Musical / X-Men 4

Set in the secluded Xavier’s School for Gifted Youngsters, this film promises to deliver an action-packed, toe-tapping romp that the whole family can enjoy. All singing! All dancing! All mutants!

My life could then be complete.

My ideal crossover - Doctor Doom destroys Disneyland - complete with copious pictures of Mickey Mouse been gutted, Donald Duck rotating on a skewer with a pot of orange sauce located nearby and Goofy been excised from reality as too much of an afterthought to bother with. The Disney princesses will be collectively chained up and forced to watch their own sugar coated exercises in idiocy till their brains rot - this should take about a week or so.

It’s got to be Doctor Doom vs Cruella DeVille.

Too bad George Lucas can’t get in on the fun – Goofy vs Jar Jar Binks. I’m rooting for Goofy already; at least we know he’s a cartoon character.


Imagine the following in appropriate mid 60’s Marvel Dialogue

Dr Doom:- Away from me you misbegotten excuse for a … whatever you are. Touch not the lord of Latveria.

Jar Jar Binks:- We is free, yousa look like someone else, Darth…arggh

(Doom casually lowers his hand after blasting Jar Jar Binks in the face)

Dr. Doom:- mention not that fool in the black armour who apes me. Even now my revenge upon his foolish mentor is not complete. Soon my mind control ray will convince him to realise, ‘Indiana Jones V:- The Colostomy bag years’ and thus he will be known as the inept clown he has been for so many years.

(Jar Jar Binks rolls on the floor in obvious agony - audience give Doom a standing ovation)

Ohhh…Disney meets Hostel…!

With the exception of a few things (such as parts of Fantasia and a few other select bits)I detest the Disney style, I admire it’s at times breathtaking proficiency but the sachharine taste it leaves in my mouth was one I could never stomach even as a kid. Even then I could see how it ruined well known pieces of kid’s literature by dumbing them down. What it did to Tarzan and the Hunchback of Notre-Dame was criminal. I’m glad it never got it’s hands on another Edgar Rice Burroughs creation, John Carter of Mars, as apparently at one stage it had an interest in adapting that.

I loved every minute of everything Disney did until the late 1960s. His work had heart and soul and I could feel the presence of the Holy Spirit in his work. Note, I’m not calling him perfect but his work resonated with several generations of people.


I actually laughed at one imagined storyline I read from another site:

Aladdin and the Ultimates! S.H.I.E.L.D finds out that there’s a poor, possibly radicalized young Arab in Agrabah with a Lamp of Mass Destruction (LMD), so Captain America and the gang head to the Middle East to take him down. Mass civilian casualties ensue, and they end up leaving Jafar in charge.

I dont see any harm in it, the division of Disney which does all the **** cartoons,etc will not be involved. it will just make them money

:eek::extrahappy::bounce::whacky:Just think of the Ice Shows they could come up with!
May God Bless

Even better: Disney posts cardboard cut-outs of Wolverine around its theme park, and just like the comics where he’s shown on the cover, he’s nowhere to be found at the park.

I’m ready for the zombies and demonic dogs. :slight_smile:

Oh, and Jimmy Akin has a great article on zombies.

My husband doesn’t work in the parks, he works in the corporate part of Disney, and having seen Disney up close like this, they are nothing more than a corporation of greed. My dh is going to begin sending out his resume soon…we are grateful for the work he’s had there, but they are all about greed. I believe that companies are entitled to profits, but they are very greedy, and monopolize the market. I think this is a very bad move, buying Marvel. They also own NBC, I think, and ESPN? Maybe Mickey Mouse will rule the world one day. :smiley:

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