Disney TV Show Good Luck Charlie features homosexual relationship

There is way too young of an audience for Disney to show this. Also, it is just another example trying to show our young that homosexuality is not disordered. What do we do as parents?


Thanks for alerting us, my nieces watch that show.

I saw this on Sunday and switched off the TV because of how over the top and obnoxious the propaganda was. I’m surprised that it took so long for someone to comment on the show here.

I thought there was a thread about this last summer (when this article was written), but I cannot seem to find it. Did the episode finally air?

It doesn’t effect me directly as I don’t get the Disney Channel, but it is striking to me that gay marriage is no longer seen as not being family friendly by enough people that they have no qualms introducing such a plot into a kids’ show.

Easy. Turn off the TV. Problem solved.

Oh my friend, Disney has been producing questionable shows under the guise of “children’s programming” for years. When my girls were young (they are in their 20’s now) they got enamored of the “fun witches” on Disney. For YEARS I told them I didn’t approve, had them turn it off, and in general try to show them they were being molded to turn a blind eye to such things. They laughed at me. They believed it was harmless.
Today, finally, they get it. They look at things and realize what the subliminal message is/was. But, I have to say, they still don’t see much of a problem with it.
I’d steer away from Disney. The old man must be rolling over in his grave.
Just my 2 cents…

Horrible. This is one of the main reasons I’ve chucked watching television and contemporary films for some time now.

Walt Disney must be rolling over in his grave. :mad:

I enjoyed watching Good Luck, Charlie with my granddaughter. It was cute and the people seemed to like each other. Too bad the writers saw fit to go down this path. The writers seem to like to sneak objectionable content in fast with no warning.I can get quite tired of playing the cranky old grandma who disapproves of fun stuff.

Disney is not what I grew up with. Shame for what has become.

Surprised they haven’t given Tinkerbell a so called companion and Peter Pan too.:frowning:

I’m pretty sure that, as long as the show is making money, old Walt would have been just fine with it.

Is the show’s purpose trying to show that homosexual activity is not disordered, or is it just a reflection of the reality of today’s culture—a reality where the cultural battle over homosexual marriage is all but lost and same sex couples will exist, they will have adopted children and they will not be hiding?

I haven’t seen it, so it is hard to say too much, but I guess I don’t find it all that surprising given how widely accepted homosexual marriage has become.

Walt got into the biz because of his children and grandchildren. He made money and was successful, but I don’t think that was the driving force. He said he wanted make merry-go-rounds available to all children. Having said that, I think he’d be dismayed at the prices they charge to enter the theme parks these days. I’ve never been able to afford to take my children there, even for a brief visit.

I love pre-Iger Disney and still love going to WDW. However, one can’t deny the drop in quality from Disney outings both in their parks and on the screen in recent years, yet they keep making more and more money.

I think even he would have drawn the line at homosexuality. By all accounts, he was quite prudish in sexual matters. :slight_smile:

I am just wondering when one goes to Disney Land in Paris or Florida do they come out with all this stuff, if so, parents would be best to avoid bringing there children to Disney Land.

Paganism has crept in, where does it say in the Bible that two males can get married, and as for adoption well gay couples are adopting a child from a man and a woman, as they cannot have children themselves this is the way that man and woman was created, to go forth and multiply, how would two men multiply the earth, they would not. They have lost the run of themselves,

Not really.

No problem was ever solved by running from it.

I hear Cinderella and Snow White now have a “thing” together. :eek:

Seriously, though, folks, what purpose does topping one another in shock do, in this thread? We don’t live in a Christian society. Stop blaming non-Christians for not being Christian, and go convert them!

Otherwise, you are just indulging your prurient curiosity while reassuring yourself that you are “good” and these other people are “evil.”

(I know, I know, I’m painting with a broad brush. Please forgive me, I guess I’m judging people for judging people again, darn it! :blush: But I honestly don’t see what good this conversation is serving).

No need for useless quaraling. Just wanted to let everyone know so that they can have a heads up if they were fans of the show.

I think it’s just sad that Disney used to be fairly reliable for innocent children’s entertainment. It’s never a good idea to just plop your kid down to watch whatever, but I know that when I was growing up my mom didn’t have to hover every second for something objectionable if I had the Disney channel on (except she did have to deal with all the toy commercials. ;)) I can understand the frustration that something that used to be reliably wholesome is no longer.

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