Disney vacation plans almost in the toilet


Ok, so we had planned our FIRST family vacation to Disney World Dec. 12-21. This was one of the only weeks we could go (unless we go in the summer when it’s too hot) due to my school schedule. DH’s work doesn’t allow him to take off work the week of Christmas or the week after because that’s their busiest time. So that leaves the week before Christmas or the second week in January before my school starts back up.

Ok, so we tell the kids, they get all excited…put a deposit down on a hotel room etc, etc. Well, now DH finds out at work yesterday that his company Christmas party is Dec. 13 and it’s mandatory for him to attend because he’s a manager. :mad: :mad: :mad: So that crosses out that week because with all our driving time, it’d leave us very few days to actually spend vacationing because he’d have to be back to work on Monday of Christmas week. I am mad, mad, mad! All this over a stinkin party!!!

So anyways, this leaves us the second week of January, which I really am not happy with that because I think it’s a bad time to be taking the kids out of school. I don’t know what else to do…But here’s my question. DH thinks it’ll be colder in January. Is that true? Is there much of a weather difference in Florida between December and January?

GGgrrrr…I’m so mad…

Is there no one he can talk to and explain the situation - your schedule, kids school etc?

I mean my goodness, if it’s the ONLY time you can go, does he really have to cancel a vacation for a one time event?

I wouldn’t think that the temps would be that much different.

What is the worst thing that could happen if your H told his boss that plans were already made for that time? Did you plan the trip at a time that his company traditionally has their party?

Don’t give up, yet. Maybe this will all work out. I would be mad, too.

I agree - there may be hope yet. I can’t believe they make a christmas party mandatory - geesh. Maybe he could talk to HR about this situation - they are best at solving problems. Believe me, at my old company someone is always there complaining about something - and you ACTUALLY have a problem here, not just someone going behind someone’s back to complain about some petty thing. I would recommend a meeting with his HR personell. He shouldn’t be embarassed to do so.

DH is going to have a talk with his boss and see if there’s something that can be worked out but I’m not getting my hopes up. I really, really doubt they’re going to make an exception for him. His company has the “if you don’t like it, find a new job” policy. :rolleyes: And well…DH would like to keep his job, lol…

Ugh, this is soooo frustrating. I don’t even know what to tell the kids. They’ve got their hopes up so much.

There is no difference in weather between December and January. Either way, you’d need a light jacket.
If his work is making him go to this Christmas party(and they are the “like or leave type”), I would switch the date to the second week of January.
Get the work from the kids’ school and they can do it when y’all get home in the evenin. Then they will be prepared when they get back.

I missed a month of school to go to Europe with my parents. We got my work from the teachers and I did that. I was actually better prepared, and ahead, when I got back.

My mom lives in Tampa area and I usually visit in the winter.

There is not much difference between December and January. It can be a bit quirky though with December hot and January cold and also vice versa. Mind you, cold in Florida means it might freeze (meaning get down to freezing maybe one or two degrees below) for a couple hours in the night and threaten the strawberries and other fruit but it warms up again in the day. This usually only happens a couple times in the winter and a light jacket is all you need, sometimes, not even that.

Praying that you get this sorted out to everyone’s satisfaction and that you have a very enjoyable family holiday at Disney World.

What would it cost for hubby to fly home for the party then back to Disney? AirTran and Southwest are cheap if you book in advance. You’re already spending money on a wonderful vacation. Why not a little more?

I am so sorry to hear this! It’s another example of business life masquerading as a “mandatory” social activity. I mean, if it was a true social activity, he’d be able to simply say, “No thank you” and head to Disney!

Anyway, here are the annual average temps for Orlando:
That’s where I went to boot camp, BTW, way back when (Orlando, not Disney World).

I’d just go in January if things can’t be changed. The first week back at school after Christmas break is a “loose” week, anyway.

Probably waaay to much for us. We’re trying to do this trip the “cheap” way, lol. We had originally planned on flying but after watching airfare the past few months we decided driving would be a much better option. :wink:

OK moondoggy,

Dec High 73 Low 50

Jan High 72 Low 48

This would be low season, the parks are less crowded, lines are short, and we’ll be having the Pirate and Princess Party no doubt, and that’s one of the best separate-ticket events I’ve attended at the Magic Kingdom.

The Disney pools are heated year round at 82-84 year round.
Although you’ll miss the holiday decorations, everything will still be beautiful and in bloom and whatnot.

Hmmmmmmmm I wonder where funnyyetsavvy works? :thumbsup:

If dh can’t get out of the party…go in January. Two of my boys have late Dec. early Jan. birthdays and we have treated them to trips to Disney instead of birthday parties. All 3 times we went over the long MLK weekend and had great weather and small crowds at the parks. Living 2 hours north of Orlando makes it possible for long weekend trips to Orlando and we always avoid late Dec. and all summer (due to the crowds and weather)
Good luck and have fun :slight_smile:

Ask the boss in question to change the party date. YOU NEVER KNOW! Good Luck.

IMO… Disney in mid-January is the BEST!
The downside… you miss out on the Christmas fun… all the extra shows and decorations are the BEST during December.

Weather wise… December is a weird time of year. It can be cold, or it can still sometimes be warm! Very fluctual. January is more consistent, though… always cool, but usually very dry… and that’s GREAT for going to the parks (no rain!).
Crowds are at their lightest all year in mid January, so that a HUGE benefit… and I think you’ll find better rates for hotels and such then also.

So… find out about the party… whether it’s totally mandatory or not… or whether they can change it. But I wouldn’t fret too much about having to change to mid-January!

My advice, check with the school on the policy for missing before you make any non-refundable plans. Some schools are great about kids taking off for family vacations, and some are not.

I would agree that January is a great timne to go to Disneyworld. Less crowded and the weather is more mild.

December can be crowded, and even though you are doing the vacation on a tight budget you may have wanted to get the Express Lane Pass when you get there, which is an upgrade on your original ticket. With this, you can get to the front of the line at each ride. It is around $50 extra per person, but you save a ton of time and it cuts down on your children getting impatient with the slow lines.

But if you go in January, then the lines shouldn’t be so bad as to justify an Express pass. So you save money by going in January!

So true!
And since mid-January is not exactly the hight of the season, you can get better prices on hotels and such.

Definately less croweded. The weeks before Christmas are packed with people to see the decorations. A lot of people go then because their kids are off of school and the crowds can really be overwhelming. You can check the Disney site to see the hours of the operation are shorter in January, and that is because of the smaller crowds. I didn’t see how old your kids are, but if they are grade school, I wouldn’t worry. Talk to their teachers about the trip and perhaps they could get some of the work in advance.
Weather in Florida is always tricky. We’ve been hot and cold in January there. I would be prepared with light jackets and maybe a pair of jeans and sweatshirts. Personally I prefer walking around the parks all day in the 60s rather than 90s. I also find there is less rain during the winter months.

What goes on at this party that he needs to be there? Is it written in his job description? or somewhere otherwise stated? I’m just wondering because I used to be in HR and if this company doesn’t have a justifiable reason for firing him, it’s called “lawsuit.” Ask him if he knows of any other manager not attending the party and still keeping their job. If so, the company has set a presidence that it is not mandatory for managers to go, and therefore he would he would have leverage in case they tried to fire him. However if they have… that might be a different story

Sorry, sounds pretty drastic, and maybe not worth the pursuit to you. But I can’t abide lousy employers. (Have known too many.) Just because they feel like they are allowed to make their staffs’ lives miserable because they pay them, doesn’t mean they are allowed.

We’ve always skipped December in Florida. January is so much better!

Last year we went to Universal Studios and it was great…the lines were 20 minutes or less. I remember when we stayed in Florida during May for a month…the lines took up to 2 hours. :eek:

Weather is unpredictable no matter what month you go. There’s no guarantee that a week in December will be warmer than January. We’ve managed to go several times in January and luckily everytime had great weather.

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