Hi everyone, I hope this isn’t a duplicate thread. Anyways, I have always wondered why so many Catholics seem to despise Disney so much? I was practically brought up on Disney and became hooked on their movies since The Little Mermaid first came out when I was 3 or 4. Since that movie, I was hooked on every other animated Disney movie that came out up until 1999, and I also really enjoyed the classics as well. The main reason I loved Disney films so much is mainly because their animation is by far the best, next to Don Bluth/Dreamworks films.
My wonderful aunt has explained to me her reasons why she doesn’t allow her girls to watch them (most of the newer ones that I grew up with and love) and she says that because most of the newer Disney movies have underlying messages promoting sinful things, the owners of Disney are gay and/or support homosexuality, and that they support PP. The first time she told me this I was pretty stunned and a bit disappointed but I had been watching these movies all my life, loving the songs and stories and never had a clue or once picked up on any of this stuff which makes me wonder if letting children watch them is really all that sinful? I guess thats what I am asking, is it sinful to enjoy good Disney movies and go to Disney parks for fun? I mean practically everything we buy supports something we probably don’t agree with but if we didn’t buy anything that supported these things, we really wouldn’t be able to buy anything in good conscience. I guess I think that some ppl take these sorts of things a little too far, no disrespect to those people. I guess what I am really asking here is, where do you draw the line? I am a fairly new Catholic so I still have a lot of questions like these and I look forward to seeing what you all think about this. Thanks!

is there proof? that they support planet parnet hood or w.e its called

I think people should stand by their convictions and if they feel Disney is bad - so be it - that is their choice.

I however LOVE Disney - the parks, the movies - (Finding Nemo is my all time favorite…just keep swimming… just keep swimming…) So that’s my choice as well.

We all have to pick our battles. Disney is not my battle.

A few years ago the Southern Baptist Convention encouraged all thier members to boycott Disney. I think they were protesting the Disney company giving spousal benefits to gay couples.

My kids love all the movies. We watch them all the time. I wouldn’t boycott them. Disney is one of the last places to go to get good wholesome family entertainment.

Well said carol marie, that’s my favorite movie too…I could watch it all day (although Shrek, in spanish, is up there too):wink: :blushing:!!!

Thats kind of what I am asking, because I would like to know how one can really find out what a specific organization such as Disney supports because it is certainly not advertized. Either way, is it really fair to deprive kids of the good things Disney produces? I guess you really have to do some digging to find out. I don’t want to just take someone’s word for it. I just have a hard time understanding how purchasing these harmless, Rated-G movies from Disney or going to their parks for vacation is sinful, just because they may support a bad organization…for all we know, Doritos could give money to PP or even your shampoo…who knows. Is it really worth not buying the stuff anymore just because some people say or think it supports something bad? I think God knows our true motives and judges us accordingly. Just my thoughts…

I’m torn on this - while I do love their movies, I just can’t imagine my money going to support a place that allows gay “marriage” openly in the middle of the park where children can see gay couples parading around, Gay Pride Day parades, and other similar activities. That just sits totally wrong with me.

I can tell you for sure, I would NEVER take my children there because of this. But I’m still torn on the movies which are quite good, and that can’t be denied.



I totally agree with you, we need to pick our own battles (Nemo is one of my favs too:D ). I don’t mind people choosing to like it or dislike it, I just get a little upset when I am made to feel like I am somehow less holy because I enjoy Disney and buy their movies.

I agree that the whole celebrate Gayness is a bit much - so in protest I would never go to the park on those days.

Well, lucky for us God looks at our hearts and not at our DVD cases.


I had no idea that the Disney parks allowed a public display of the gay lifestyle and activities because the last couple of times I’ve been there, (back in the mid-90s) I never noticed anything like that, but of course I was just a kid and had no idea what gay was. But if you are right, then I find that to be disturbing because the parks are geared toward children. It makes me sad that such an awesome fun place has to be so polluted by propaganda like this. Maybe things have gotten worse since I was little, I don’t know. I guess Disney isn’t what it used to be, but still that doesn’t mean we shouldn’t be allowed to enjoy the good clean stuff they do have.

You are right about that. I wish everyone could see it that way.

See more details HERE regarding the gay weddings, etc.


Some of the disney cartoon movies have open or suggestive sexual content. Lion King (the S-E-X dustcloud, and connect-the-dots of the stars to form a penis), Little Mermaid (several phallic shots, even on the promo posters), Aladdin (the verbal one, something like ‘kiddies take off your clothes’, and background shots of the towers differ from the closer towers and definatly phallic) are some that come to mind.

Take it as you will. I wont spend any cash on a disney cruise or theme park

Wow, this is very disturbing. Shame on Disney for doing such things in the midst of children. I guess it would be best to go to the park on the days that are not the “gay days” to best avoid it, but to those who avoid the park altogether for this reason, I definately understand your motives.

Some Snopes references for your (uninformed) claims:





I have heard about the thing with The Little Mermaid, but I never noticed it until someone pointed it out on the original cover art. I haven’t heard of anything with the other movies though. But what I wonder is whether or not these things were intentional?

See my post above. :slight_smile:


I think some people just look for things to bust them on - like phallic symbols all over the place. I think if I squint my eyes and look at it upsidedown, the cover of my son’s math book has a phallic symbol on it. Or is that a large banana? :rolleyes:

I just don’t believe it. But I’m very suspicous of that sort of thing. Just like I generally don’t believe it’s the face of Jesus on the pancake or the Blessed Virgin on the grilled cheese.

But as I said - to each his own. :slight_smile:

:eek: It was my favourite movie but then it became my little sister favourite too. After that, I have enough doze of Finding Nemo. She watched it like 3-4 times a day for a whole week. :eek:
And since she couldn’t use the player, she asked me to do it for her.

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