Disobeying parents to donate blood


Today there was a blood drive on my college campus. I still live with my parents. Anyways, I called them to tell them I was going to donate blood. My mom said clearly said “NO”. The reason she told me is because she wants to make sure I am safe. Kind of overprotective here. So despite her clear command not to do so, I have donated blood anyway? And it was the first time that I ever donated blood in my life. When I got home, my Dad said I disobeyed my mom. I knew I saved someone’s life in need.
So, did I jusy commit a sin? If yes, is it mortal or venial?


If you are over 18 you do not need permission to donate blood. They may not like it, but the decision is ultimately yours.

No you did not commit a sin. Read the fourth commandment, when children become adults they owe respect but not obedience to their parents.



Can one be said to be respectful if they are not obedient to their parents?


Yes, if they are adults.


Yes, of course, one can respect and honour one’s parents without having to obey them as an adult.

One’s parents can’t order whom you will marry or what vocation in life you discern.

There was assuredly no sin in choosing to donate blood.


Yes. When someone becomes an adult, they owe respect to their parents. They are free to do things that their parents may not agree with.


I would just make sure the blood drive is done by the Red Cross or affiliate. Other than that no you did not commit a sin.


Don’t make the call next time.

But if you want to do something, decide and do it. If you are going to ask your parents permission,(or to “notify them because you think it would be best”) then you haven’t really made the decision and acting according to their counsel is probably the better option.

If you are going to make an adult decision, make it, then act accordingly. Realize though, making a decision independently doesn’t mean it is a good decision or that it won’t have consequences. Discerning that is part of the decision making process though. This is all just part of the “growing up” process.



First, I would like to personally thank you for your donation. I am do this because I did not know the person and could not thank them for the donation that saved my life. Second, why would your mother think it is unsafe to donate blood. Take it from me, donating is a lot safer then getting the blood next to a rice paddy.


I have two close relatives who received blood when they needed it. I can’t thank you enough and the many others who give the gift of life.

I don’t suggest talking back argumentatively with your parents. But, I’m sure you will be alert in the future to whether your parents ever admit that anybody they know needed and received blood. (That’s NOT the time to say “I told you so”)

My mother was against my donating blood and platelets. I know she didn’t like going to doctors and she didn’t like needles. she had a low pain threshold. So, she projected her fears on me.


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