Disordered Theology?


Apparently this homosexual Episcopal bishop is under the illusion that Catholic theology on homosexuality is disordered and needs Pope Francis to correct the disorder.

What say you? :shrug:

This bishop is the reason why, after I went through confirmation classes in the Episcopal church, I declined to be confirmed. I realized that that denomination had begun spreading lies instead of truth, and I slowly made my way into the Catholic Church.
He can keep his views to himself. He is not Catholic, he divorced his wife in order to live in sin with his same-sex partner, and he has driven a wedge that is destroying the Episcopal denomination. My greatest hope is that the havoc this bishop has wreaked will cause many to seek to find the truth, which they will find in the Catholic Church.

Robinson is quoted as saying, “[Pope Francis’] good tone should be followed by the tough work of changing the systems of belief, doctrine and religious practice.”

There’s the problem right there. Bishops in the Episcopal Church might see themselves in the business of “changing systems of belief [and] doctrine,” but that’s not the context in which Catholic bishops minister. :wink:

Then, either Robinson (or the journalist, perhaps) makes a misstatement: “Robinson wrote, however, that the Vatican officially brands gay people as ‘intrinsically disordered’.” The Catechism identifies that homosexuality, not persons, is what is intrinsically disordered.

Well it makes sense that he would ask the Pope to do something he denies the Pope has authority to do.

According to the theology of the Anglican Communion, which as a (retired) Episcopalian bishop he claims to adhere to, the Pope has no authority outside of his own Diocese. So if the Pope were to revise the Moral or Dogmatic teachings of the Church to conform to Mr. Robinson, it would (according to Mr. Robinson’s Church) carry no weight.

To change Dogma and Morals, Mr. Robinson’s Church requires that a passing vote of the houses of Bishops, Clergy and Laity would have to be completed. As well as (in England where Mr. Robinson has no jurisdiction, just as he claims the Pope does not have authority) the Parliament and the Queen would also have to ratify the breach with the truth.

So Mr. Robinson is asking the Pope to do something he cannot do, and doing something he by extension is incapable of doing, ie. teaching and attempting to impose his “authority” on a bishop of a diocese not his own.

Go figure…

I say: what took so long?

It’s only inevitable that liberal congregations are gong to adopt a more hostile tone towards Catholicism as they shift their doctrines further away from it. You can’t just adopt various extra-marital relations as being a physical, civil, and moral good without creating contention with people that believe the diametric opposite of that.

Really not that unusual. All you have to do is look at the 39 Articles of the Anglican Church and read what they say about Massing Priests, Transubstantiation, and the original wording on the Pope of Rome.

Other Protestant bodies were just as derogatory against the Pope and the Church from the get go. So this is nothing new.

If you really want to read scandal, filth and sorted writings, the curse letters that Luther, Calvin and other founders of Protestant bodies are filled with nasty threats, condemnations and physically impossible invitations. Those curses that they hurled against each other were not in the Language of the People, as they kept crying for but in Latin, where the meaning would not be lost between the sparring parties.

Protestantism reached a high point of peace with Catholicism in the 20th century, at least compared to previous generations, but this is gong to go downhill again as certain congregations distance themselves more from Catholic moral theology under the weight of secular pressure.

I agree. I think it was Herman Melville who said somewhere that the great battle of the future was not going to be between Catholicism and Protestantism, but between Catholicism and Atheism.

I think that battle has arrived. It is difficult to see these new trends in secular morality (especially as they inflitrate Protestant and Catholic congregations) as anything but a narrowing of the field of battle between Christ and Anti-Christ.

The influence of Anti-Christ today in politics, education, and the media is now monolithic compared to what it was 50 years ago. Anybody who does not see that was not alive 70 years ago.


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