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I recently have returned to the Church after twenty years of being a non-practicing Catholic. During my time away from the Church, I was married to a non-denominational Christian in a civil ceremony. While she attempted RCIA, she still has difficulty in our belief that we’re actually receiving Jesus during communion at mass. I eventually believe she will come into the church through my prayers and God’s grace. We have a son that is almost two and another child on the way. We have agreed to raise both children Catholic and the first has been baptized in our current parish.
Should I consider getting my marriage dispensated at this point? Am I required to complete dispensation in order to receive holy communion, even though I have confessed my sins entirely?

Thanks and God Bless!!!


Welcome back to the Church! When you got married, as a Catholic, you were bound by canon law to marry in the Church or to be dispensed from that obligation. Since you did not do that your marriage may be invalid so it is important that you have your marriage validated by the Church as soon as possible. Until that happens I urge you to go to confession and live as brother & sister before receiving the Eucharist.

Concerning your wife’s difficulty with understanding the Real Presence, you may want to look into the following:

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