Disposable Heroes: Suicide-Linked Drugs Tests on Veterans

An ABC News and Washington Times investigation reveals vets are being recruited for government tests on drugs with violent side effects.

Mentally distressed veterans from Iraq and Afghanistan are being recruited for government tests on pharmaceutical drugs linked to suicide and other violent side effects, an investigation by ABC News and The Washington Times has found. 

The report will air on Good Morning America and will also appear in The Washington Times on Tuesday. (Click here to read "The Washington Times" coverage of "Disposable Heroes.") 

In one of the human experiments, involving the anti-smoking drug Chantix, Veterans Administration doctors waited more than three months before warning veterans about the possible serious side effects, including suicide and neuropsychiatric behavior. 

Full Story @: truthout.org/article/disposable-heroes-veterans-used-test-suicide-linked-drugs

How horrible!

[quote=Catechism of the Catholic Church]**2295 **Research or experimentation on the human being cannot legitimate acts that are in themselves contrary to the dignity of persons and to the moral law. The subjects’ potential consent does not justify such acts. Experimentation on human beings is not morally legitimate if it exposes the subject’s life or physical and psychological integrity to disproportionate or avoidable risks. Experimentation on human beings does not conform to the dignity of the person if it takes place without the informed consent of the subject or those who legitimately speak for him.

I do not understand why veterans of this war are so badly treated, unless it’s the “Vietnam Syndrome.”

Highly unpopular wars sometimes affect the way people see those serving to fight it. Whatever you think of the war, those people out there in harm’s way are doing what they swore to do, carry out the lawful orders of their superiors. They didn’t plan the war, they didn’t deceive us about it. They are just trying to protect us.

And yet, they have received one slap in the face after another from our government. Filthy hospital facilities, lack of necessary combat equipment, orders to pay for meals they eat while hospitalized, attempts to portray service-connected medical conditions as pre-existing conditions… the list goes on and on.

Recently, the administration opposed the same GI Bill benefits enjoyed by veterans of other wars. The justification was that they might have only had one tour of combat. Anyone who’s had a tour of combat knows that they earned those benefits the hard way.

And now we find that they are being used as unwitting Guinea pigs.

When are we going to treat these people like the heroes they are, instead of like Kleenex?

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