Disposing a scapular- how?


I want dispose of a scapular. I do not know whether or not it is blessed. Therefore, I want to dispose of it in the prescribed manner.

How is one supposed to dispose of it?
Burn- not a good option for me.


Ask the sacristan or priest or deacon at Church if they have a “burn box.”

Our church burns stuff once in a while - cotton balls used for anointing of the sick, old missals, Bibles that have been tattered. We have a box in the closet in the sacristy where we put stuff like that.



It is also permissible to bury blessed objects in the ground. If the scapular is made out of wool and nothing synthetic, bury it, otherwise burn it.


Cut it up into small pieces to destroy it and then throw it away.

Once it is cut up it is no longer considered a scapular and the blessing is lost. So then it is ok to discard it.


The prescribed manner for destroying sacred objects that are not metal, stone, glass, or plastic (in the case of low-quality rosaries) is to burn them, then dump the ashes down the sacrarium.


thanks to all. i have the answer thanks to you. the op.


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