Disposing of music and DVDs

I’ve realised that most of the music in my collection is not edifying, that it’s having an unholy effect on my mind to be listening to it.

It’s not really awful violent hip-hop or anything, it’s just that some of the lyrics are suggestive in ways that almost all ‘worldly’ music is. In fact, much of it is traditional folk music but even that often has unsavoury lyrics, which just goes to show that it’s not only this generation, but every generation, that is sinful.

Anyway, I don’t know whether I need to get rid of it all, or just not play certain tracks on certain albums. If I do decide to get rid of it, should I give them to a charity shop, so that they can make money, or destroy them, so that nobody else gets influenced by this?

I think there is a rather wide scale of material out there, and it’s actually probably wise to use two separate ones: first, faith and morals; second, artistic merit.

The best art [literature, film and music] can be both moraly and artisticly edifieing.

In the broad middle is material which isn’t particularly noteworthy on either scale.

On the lower side, things that may be objectionable from a faith point of veiw, but has enough artistic merit that it may still be worth while for people of mature faith who can handle a little challange.

Then, material that has little or no redeeming merit, and actively detracts from faith and morals.

I would say the first three categories are fine to sell or donate to an appropriate charity.

But the bottom of the barrel that lacks both artistic and moral value should simply be disposed of, and the world would be a better place for it.

I really love my iPod for this! I just listen to the album and if the lyrics for a particular song are not in line with my morals I just don’t add it to my iPod. That way I only have uplifting music/lyrics to listen to and good music as well.

If more than 50% of the album is not on my iPod I toss it in the garbage.

As for DVD’s, I’ve just tossed them if they were offensive. We usually just check out movies from the library and watch them now. I think the last one I got was a Jane Austen BBC production.

I recommend throwing it out. Unfortunately, artistic has come to mean immoral in some cases. Trust yourself to discern and get rid of it.

God bless,

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