Disputation free


post anything positive about your religion without criticizing anyone elses. Win valuable prizes.


already have the most valuable prize, my Lord and Savior, up close and personal, in the Eucharist.


I am a better person because of it.


Everytime one reads from the Torah, they find something new. This is because we are not the same person we were yesterday. And it is one of the reasons the Torah is read again every year.


My Baptist parents and my upbringing in the Baptist Church are to be commended for giving me a love for Jesus Christ and the Scriptures and for giving me the desire for the fullness of all that God has to offer through his Church. The Catholic Church.

My wife and I have 48 hours until our confirmation and first Eucharist at the Easter Vigil. It has been a long and sometimes tortuous journey but it has been worth it.


Whoo hooo!!! Congrats and welcome home!:thumbsup: :extrahappy: :clapping:

I love the fact that there is always something to learn, something more to discover. (ie. When, I came into the Church there were still things I had a hard time accepting, but I accepted the authority of the Church. I was willing to let God give me understanding. Over the years, I have felt the Holy Spirit, and have gained an understanding of so many things.)


First valuable prize goes to woody for acknowledging his parents. You must have a jewish soul :slight_smile:


I get to sleep in on Sundays and the Sabbath :smiley:

Seriously though, it’s made me concentrate more on what we have now and try to make the best of it. And I’m not talking about material things, either – I’ve come to realize that generally, people really are pretty great.


Catholicism helps me to see clearer, treat other people better, to be more patient, and to maintian diginity in rough situations. (and humility as I don’t always succeed)


Jesus Christ died so I could be with Him in heaven.

The Holy Spirit has changed my life and made me thirsty for the Word of God(Bible):smiley:

I am a better servant for the Lord and am able to show other people love without expecting anything in return.:smiley:

AMEN!!! PTL:gopray:


The communion of saints means that we never stop being a family, God our Father, Mary our Mother, Christ our Brother and the Spirit our Guide, and all of us–on earth and in heaven–are the beloved children of God.


Jesus is Lord



Hoping all my christian friends have a joyous and moving Easter and may we all enjoy a deeper understanding of our relationship with GOd and with each other.


And Happy Passover Valke!


AMEN!! and Happy Passover to you as well:D

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