Disputed memo says Britain has no Brexit plan



**Disputed memo says Britain has no Brexit plan

Britain has no overall strategy for leaving the European Union and splits in Prime Minister Theresa May’s cabinet could delay a clear negotiating position for six months, according to a leaked Deloitte memo that the government dismissed as having no credibility.

The document was written by consultants at Deloitte and leaked to The Times newspaper, which said it had been prepared for the government department that supports the prime minister and her cabinet - something disputed by both Downing Street and Deloitte, which said it was not commissioned by the government.

It casts Britain’s top team in a chaotic light: May is trying to control key Brexit questions herself while her senior ministers are divided and the civil service is in turmoil. **




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This may be what the OP is referring to.


The idea the UK has no idea how to actually initiate Brexit wouldn’t surprise me in the slightest. I mean the small sliver of the UK’s legal system I have to deal with in relation to the EU in the Intellectual Property world has been thrown into minor chaos with regard to their withdrawal from the EU. And it’s going to cose individual companies alone millions of pounds/euros/dollars to fix it. Can’t imagine what the rest of the political, legal, socioeconomic mess would be. I mean the UK has been thoroughly intertwined with the EU for decades, and now they’re having the unravel that connection comparatively overnight.


They shouldn’t have made a referendum if they had literally no clue what to do if it was passed. This was a case of Cameron being arrogant and assuming that people wouldn’t vote to leave, and because of that, this happened.


I suppose I stand in the minority and say that I trust Theresa May. I think Britain has a plan, and I know other countries have a plan to help.

Even provinces. Newfoundland was the first to offer deals, considerations, partially because the population is almost 95% Irish/British.


Personally, I feel that she is placing Tory party unity and populist rhetoric to rally the Brexit faithful before the national economic well-being of the country. And that is not a very promising trade-off.

We ought to be staying within the EEA (ie customs union) for the continued prosperity of our key industries and especially the critical financial services industry, which is in danger of losing its passporting rights. U.S. banks have contingency plans to relocate to places like Frankfurt and I honestly cannot blame them. Make no mistakes - a lot of jobs are hanging in the balance here. They stay or go upon May’s decision-making - or rather should I say ‘chronic indecision’ as the case seems to be.

Merkel has conceded that she may be ready to discuss the “details” of free movement, even though she is inflexibly behind the principle. So I hold out some modicum of hope that May will exploit that potential opening to the fullest.

But she is being far too “cloak-and-dagger” with the whole affair, not too mention trying to railroad hard Brexit through using the royal prerogative without consulting parliament - which is unconstitutional and effectively an attempt to overturn the doctrine of parliamentary sovereignty that has been the cornerstone of the British constitution since the English Civil War in the mid-1600s.

As the person with her hand on the tiller, she should have a clear plan ahead for the future after all these months. That she apparently does not have the faintest idea what to do - according to this purported memo and judging by the stony silence from the cabinet - is concerning in the extreme; the logistical nightmare of disentangling the UK legal system from 40 years and more of EU laws and regulations notwithstanding.

When you consider that the government has no viable opposition at the moment - what with Labour’s dreadful condition under Corbyn and the polls showing dire support for the party - the fact that they still cannot get this right is scandalous.


When there is a will, there is a way. Of course the UK can get ouf of the EU. So many regimes have collapsed and people always find a way to move forward. But the media love to paint a very bleak picture. Not biased at all, are they? :rolleyes:


Chaos indeed and a lack of any real thought for eg the huge numbers of expats dependent on the UK for eg pensions

Dublin passport office had to take on extra staff to deal with panic applications for passports after so many UK expats opted for a new nationality as was the case also in Germany and elsewhere.

And also affected eg residency rules.

Idealism is a poor master.


Oh, I think there’ll be all sorts of deals, people will be terribly enthusiastic about selling stuff to Britain. What they might possibly buy from Britain is another matter altogether, unless there’s a market in wishful thinking and clichés, of course.


Oh, I’m sure that the world’s 9th largest export economy (Google told me) will find a few things to sell. Goodness, I am amazed how you Brits seem to think yours is a third world country with no hope. Or maybe it’s just the Guardianistas who think that.

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