Disrespect to MIL


I was doing my elderly MIL’s medication holder for the week, and she was frantically looking for a paper she had gotten from the doctor’s office, explaining what to do about one of her medications. My MIL has memory problems and couldn’t remember for sure what the doctor said about her medication. I got a little irritated and said in an irritated, impatient voice, “I guess I’ll have to call the doctor tomorrow if you can’t find the paper.” I’m having a difficult time figuring out when disrespect for parents is a mortal sin and when it’s a venial sin. It’s a sin, of course, but I have so many things to confess and I don’t know where to draw the line sometimes.


If you have to ask, then you know you were harsh.
Apologize, and ask her to forgive you, Mention it next time you go to confession.
The elderly can be hard to work with, because we can’t imagine what they go through.
Try to remember that you will be in her place one day.


This is not true for this particular poster; review her posting patterns.


God knows what is in your heart. You are being a good dil taking care of your mil. You got a tad vexed so welcome to the club. St. Jerome was, supposedly, very gruff and still got canonized.

Disrespect to this MIL, under the circumstances alluded to, would include being too busy to take her to the doctor, too busy to call the doctor, too busy to care, verbally abusive, and maybe physically or emotionally abusive.

My confession re. same would be, “Once this week I got annoyed at my MIL for misplacing her medical instructions and I was short with her.” If you have already hugged her and told her you love her, good. If not, mention it the next time you see her. Just say “I was short with you and I shouldn’t have been.”:thumbsup:


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