Disrespect toward Islam on this Forum



Visiting I find much disrespect toward Islam among the member of this forum.

I desire to address what appears to be an uncharacteristic relationship between Christians and Muslims, insha’allah.



Generalizations do not make good arguments. Please cite any disrepect towards Islam on the forum–remembering that simply not agreeing with Islam is not the same thing as showing disrepect for it any more than not agreeing with Catholicism would be.


Unfortunately, with Islamists, disagreement is considered disrespectful. Hardline Muslim countries cannot even tolerate a Bible within their borders, that’s how insecure they are. :rolleyes:

I, for one, get tired of Muslims in the West expecting kidglove treatment. I agree with our Holy Father that it’s time for repricosity!


Stating the truth is not disrespect.


I’m afraid as Christians we are bound to spread the truth given to us. That includes historical facts about the person who called himself Muhammad.


plus following the rules of the forums.


I am not ashamed to admit my disrespect for [Moderator: removed uncharitable comments]
I stand with the Christians of old on this matter.


I very much agree, this forum (other religions) is slightly repulsive, insofar as its posts regarding Islam at least.

There is never any respect for the Prophet and the Qu’ran, and quite frequently it is treated with outright contempt and ridicule. Note the current topic on the former Pope kissing the Qu’ran. The way it seems to have irritated so many Catholics is telling of the attitude going around here.

I have seen exchanges between Muslims and Christians that, while disgreeing, are done with much more tact and warmth.


I would refer you to the thread on the 3 Christians butchered by muslims in Turkey and the lack of muslim response to that atrocity. That is disrespect. Welcome to freedom of speech.


What is there to respect about Islam? We can’t trust anything that flies out of a Muslim’s mouth because even their ‘prophet’ tells them to lie.

May the Lord Jesus Bless You.
Come Home.


I don’t think many of you know much about Islam at all.


So you are telling me that a FALSE teaching deserves RESPECT?


Since we believe our faith is the true expression of what God wishes of His children it is highly unlikely we could respect a faith which intends to require us to convert, become second class citizens or die.
Respecting Mohammed as a human being created by God is possible. Respecting Mohammed’s teachings is not.
As an American I do not anticipate requiring anyone to convert to the faith I espouse in order to live in freedom. Can most Islamic countries say the same? If so tell me where can I attend Mass in
Mecca without breaking the law? Where can I wear my cross around my neck in Muslim countries lawfully without retribution?
My home town has Catholic, Orthodox, Baptist of all different sects, Nazarene, Methodist, Episcopal, Presbyterian, Pentecostal and many more assorted other churches, Kingdom Halls for Jehovah’s Witnesses, a Mormon temple, a temple and synogogue and several mosques where Muslims are able to worship in peace without worrying about being arrested, tortured and executed for the exercise of their freedom to worship. Can you say the same of Islamic countries in general?
Those who worship Allah here are not required to pay a tax in order to be able to be Muslims. They are not relegated to second class citizenship. They go to the same schools as our children. They can become citizens if they are from foreign lands and therefore vote in all elections. They live in my neighborhood and others. They are respected for their talents and skills as professionals, shopkeepers, restauranteurs etc.
Their wives who dress modestly and distinctively in the traditional hijib may get a second look or a stare. But then so do Catholic women in veils on the way to mass or Mennonite ladies with headcoverings, or the Indian ladies in their saris who shop beside me in Walmart.
We are called to love our brothers and sisters. However, we are all flawed sinners. Sometimes we all can be uncharitable in our words, thoughts and actions.
But we as Christians are called to offer the gospel to others. We are not called to respect the teachings of Mohammed.


I am continually amazed that people of other religions come to a catholic forum and find that catholics disagree with their choice of religion.


Respect is a two way street. I always try to speak respectfully when talking to people of any faith. The problem I see is that in most of the Islamic world, freedom of religion does not exist. It’s also hard to respect people who riot and kill people over offensive cartoons. Also look at the riots about the Pope’s comments last year. I am also concerned about how many Muslims use the quran to justify acts of violence. I am trying to be respectful, and I am not accusing any Muslims on this board of supporting terrorism. Nor am I saying that true Muslims are terrorists. What I am saying is that I would respect Islam as a religion a lot more if I saw more activity from the moderate Muslims to denounce terrorism, to support free speach, and to support freedom of religion even in predominantly Muslim countries. Please do not confuse legitimate concern with disrespect.


very sage:rolleyes:
what a great contribution to the debate


well if you have no religious beliefs or say that you are of all faiths, then naturally valuing or not valuing all faiths equally you think they are all equally worthy of respect or disrespect. I find it a bit odd that you seem to think that this position has any objective basis tho
why should we respect the man who called himself “Muhammad” (who certainly isn’t “the Prophet”) or the Koran??? could you present any reason?


Are you telling me that no religion outside your own deserves respect?


Is there a forum rule which says we are not to treat other religions with respect here?


hola Valke2,

there are some forum rules like that… if you look at the rules section there is one specific one.

Blatantly disrespectful characterization of any faith, (“Rome is the Whore of Babylon”, “Nazarenes are Holy-Rollers”, “Jews are Christ-killers”, “Muslims are terrorists”) its tenets, practices, or adherents

i think if people just started reporting rule breaking posts instead of flaming there would not be any of these repeat issues. long cut and paste polemicals are not allowed, also proselytizing Catholics or encouraging them to leave the Church is not allowed.

if all of these rules were reported and enforced there would not be very much left to fight about :slight_smile:

que Dios te bendiga

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