Is it a mortal sin to disrespect parents, if you are sorry for it after will God forgive you? IS it a sign of the end times? :eek:

Whether it meets the criteria for mortal sin would depend on a few things which you should discuss with your priest. God always forgives if we ask and go to Confession.

Not a sign of the end times. Children have been mouthy and disrespectful to their parents since the beginning, but that does not make it ok.

Since you seem to be very young, (you may not be so if not I apologize) I strongly recommend really trying your best not to disrespect your parents. I often at times back talk to my father or say try to go against what he says, and most of the time it ends up coming back to hurt me. I really believe that disrespecting your parents at a young age hurts the parent more than it hurts you, and they feel as if they have failed you. It can also hurt your relationship in the future.

Is it a sin? Well it probably depends on what you mean by disrespect. If you disrespected your mother/father by calling them a bad name or using curses or disrespected them with your disobedience (breaking of the 4th commandment), than yeah that is a sin. But if you maybe just said something to them in a rude way to hurt their feelings, I am not sure if it would be a sin.

We cannot tell you if it’s a mortal sin because we don’t know your culpability. We also don’t know what disrespect means to you or your parents. Did they say you disrespected them or is this something you think?

I’m not saying this is your case but, some people feel disrespected ALL the time.

I mean like we bicker and i talk back, also we yell at each other and I don’t do things like chores right when they say to do them (i typically do them later) :blush:

Sounds normal to me. Just do your best. Don’t beat yourself up about it. I’m sure your parents do things for you that is inconvenient for them. Try to return the favor by doing something for them without being asked; just an idea.

Thank you I was just worried that this fell under the 5 th commandment, i just have this HUGE fear of hell:blush:

It is a sin in any case. I do not know how you came to the conclusion that speaking in a rude fashion to one’s parents is not a sin, especially “to hurt their feelings”.

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