Dissenters are trying to destroy the Church from within


i just received dr. keating’s e-mail on threats & i was struck by the identification of ‘personal choice’ isssues as threats, i.e. ABC, gay rights, abortion, etc

i am wondering what iss/are the greatest threats to Catholics. pleasE SEE POLL & thaanks for taking time to respond


How about Catholics disobedient to the Magisterium?


Secularism spawns the rest of these threats to the Church.


I hate to sound ignorant…but what is/are ABC’s? If the response is not appropriate, somebody could pm me.


Abortion** B**irth Control


Thanks, the answer seems so simple, but i thought maybe it was something else :blush:


I thought it was Artificial Birth Control? :confused:


Me too.


I believe we could all agree that artificial and abortion are interchangeable in this case.


I voted for secularism. Everything else is a problem to one degree or another, but I think it stems from secularism.


A lukewarm faith, which I think is encouraged by self-centered mindsets, and a growing secular influence.


I’d say relativism, but I suppose secularism fits that bill.


Well I’ll add The SPIRIT of Vatican 2. NOT V2 itself but all those little things that people use V2 to justify.

Such as saying Indulgences are somthing Catholics shouldn’t worry about as the SPIRIT of V2 said. The New Age Masses and such…

In otherwords I say again V2 isn’t the problem. People twisting it all kinda ways to fit there ends is!

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Combine this with poorly taught cradle Catholics. One told me she never knew the stuff I told her (the girl in Question is a Chaos Magician / Pagan) she was just made to do them because they where the Catholic thing to do :banghead:

We gotta get people to see this is what we do AND HERE IS WHY IT’S THE CATHOLIC THING TO DO!

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No - not all birth control is abortifacient, so they absolutely are not by any stretch of the imagination.


I would say that it is self-centeredness.

As long as any of us are focused on ourselves rather than God, we will stumble and harden our hearts in avoiding the inconvenient truths.

To me, pretty much everything else on that list results from closing ourselves off to really trying our best to find our way to God. Our culture unfortunately encourages us to think first of ourselves and what is “good” for us as individuals–“watch out for number one!”

I would say a close second would be the Church’s own tendency at times of forgetting its real mission of bringing people to God and instead getting into the “business” of crowd control. I expressed it in one of the threads on contemplation as being the tendency to teach us how to adapt to the noise of the world rather than how to quiet ourselves to listen for the still, small voice.

To me the secret is in positively modeling how to put ourselves in the presence of God. Once we do that, all other good things will follow.



Actually it stands for Artificial Birth Control some of which are abortifacient in nature along with outright abortion.

As for what is a danger to Catholics? I would say themselves. I would quote ncjohn but I already started this post when I read his - he is so right and I couldn’t have said it any better (his should be right before this one unless someone else submits a post before I get this one done :smiley: )

Brenda V.


IMO - I understand why so many people answered with Secularism. However, when I took the answers into account, I viewed Secularism as another religion. Therefore I chose Self-Centeredness. To me, this is the root of all of the problems.
It’s not “What **is God’s will **and how can **I be an intrument **to effect His will?”. It has become, "God wants what’s best for me, so what do I want and how can I make God seem like the instrument to effect what I want?"


I said secularism, but it was a toss-up with self-centeredness as I believe one proceeds from the other, although I’m not sure which. I think I’d say self-centeredness is “natural”, and secularism promotes it. We all have to battle with our self-centeredness/pride. The big problem is that society actually encourages this vice, and everything out there seeks to stir it up in us.

Of course, being the church of God, there is ultimately no real threat to her. Satan is the author of all of the threats listed, but he has already been defeated :wink:



Self-centeredness. Secularism is, of course, the philosophy that represents the biggest threat. However, it sprouts from pride and selfishness, as St. John Vianney always said.


I chose Protestants not because they are bad, most are excellent Christians. I said that because so many Catholics are going to Protestant Churches because they are getting watered down theology. Some Priests (few) are codoning things that we know are wrong and that are diametrically oposed to what Christ taught us. They figure that the whole church is like that and a bunch of hooey and go find a religion with some substance. Not saying its true, but have many many Christian friends who were in that situation.

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