Dissenters Start Breakaway Church In North Carolina


The article says:

“…Yet Sanford and his flock say there’s a larger point beyond their small numbers: They have left the Catholic church to become better Catholics…”

That sounds like something that could have been written by the Devil himself. LOL!

Who are these people kidding?

So according to this article, the 2011 translation (allegedly the “1963 translation” restored) is the straw that broke the camel’s back for this splinter group. Here we see the final fruits of the “Spirit of Vatican II” as the reform of the reform and the biological solution take hold and bring us true renewal in the Church. To me, this is almost not a sad event. It would be sad if liberals left the Church en masse in real numbers that would matter on a global scale. But to me this just seems to be the Church purifying herself of a few heretics.

They have left the Catholic church to become better Catholics.

sounds like an oxymoron to me… :stuck_out_tongue:

This is sad news though. Though, the article never mentions what teachings he didn’t agree with that made him leave and then to start this new church. At least not from what I could tell.

Apparently missed this part:

Sanford says he couldn’t stay. He believes church traditionalists are trying to undermine 50 years of church reforms set in motion by the worldwide councils known as Vatican I and Vatican II.

The final straw came early this year: the church’s decision to reinstate the original 1963 English translation of the Mass. Supporters say the wording better reflects the beauty of the traditional Latin liturgy. Critics call it clunky. More importantly, Sanford believes, it springs from a philosophical retrenchment, “and I couldn’t abide by it.”

And too bad. I don’t like it either because it doesn’t make as much sense in english the new way, but I don’t have any authority to change it, so I suck it up and do it anyway. You follow the authority given to the Pope, that is your job that you chose.

They aren’t. If he did this in my area, he’d have way more than 13 in the pews. The Church needs to pay attention.

“Dissenters Start Lutheran Church In North Carolina”

The headline could almost have been written in the 1500’s - if you delete the “in North Carolina.” One of my wife’s neice’s husband actually converted to the church started by Martin Luther when someone cut him off in the church parking lot!

I am very sorry for the congregation members that abandoned the true Catholic Church to follow a faux catholic one. I am sorry because they are victims in this case because they are examples of what lack of religious education will do to people. Most Catholics stop their training after they receive Confirmation and that is sad.

As far as the tipping point for these people, it is a particularly silly reason to leave the Church because of the changing of some of the words at Mass. Granted, I do not like some of the changes, Then again, it is not up to me. The one I dislike the most is of course “consubstantial with the Father.” It is foreign sounding to my ears. When I asked what consubstantial as used here meant, I was told basiclly it meant “one in being with the Father.” Okay, so what, a few words have changed? The reason I go to Mass is to receive the Eucharist and that is what these sad people seem to be so willing to give up.

The fake priest, like Martin Luther before him, is doing no good for the Body of Christ. Nowhere in the Bible or teachings of the Church Fathers will you find the words, “If you disagree, form another church.” Quite the contrary there are many passages calling for us to be one as Jesus and the Father are one. I will pray for the imposter that he might see the error of his ways and disbands this church he has built. Actually, that is the difference isn’t it? He built his church, but Christ built the Catholic Church and promised that it would be protected until he returned.

God bless one and all. Please pray for me. Please pray for the Holy Souls in Purgatory, especialy for those that have no one else to pray for them.

It is a sad day when any member of the Church reaches the point that because of misconceptions or following bad examples leaves the Church. As one who was gone for almost 20 years and have only recently returned, I have reflected how over that time period many I would have “returned” if some of the attitude of those in my family/friends who still went to Church was not “oh well, that’s one less heretic, confused person to contend with”.

Although I understand was in meant by “biological solution”, that phrase has a historical connotation that I don’t think should be used by lightly.

Rev. Tom Sanford left the Catholic priesthood in 1984.

So what prompts him now to don his old vestments and claim to be offering a Catholic Mass? He hasn’t offered Mass in 28 years.

The reason offered, the new translation, just doesn’t sound convincing. Not even Sanford’s wife followed him to his new church. I wonder what else is going on in his life to make him suddenly do this?

Wow! Yet another protestant deformation! What does that make now, 5000, 20000, 30000, 50000? Who knows.

I am not aware of any historical connotation of the phrase and Google certainly didn’t turn up anything enlightening. Would you care to explain exactly what you are referring to? Are you saying it is somehow connected to the Holocaust? As far as I am aware, the phrase there was “Final solution”.

The “biological solution” is referring to the simple fact that time will run it’s course and these dear folks will pass away. I do not believe it is in the context of a “final solution” such as hitler and stalin proposed.

How sad. I do hope and pray that they all return to orthodoxy, repent, go to Confession, and come back into full communion with the Catholic Church.

That said, I think it is expected that as time goes on, the Church will become smaller but more pure.

I tell you, he will see to it that justice is done for them speedily. But when the Son of Man comes, will he find faith on earth?
(Luke 18:8 NAB)

And he’d have way more people who were deceiving themselves. The Truth is the Truth. Jesus founded the Church and promised that the gates of hell would not overcome It. You want to leave It, you do so at your own risk.

Yes, it’s not all adding up here.

Nevertheless, it’s a sad situation and the these folks need prayer.

Heck, we all need prayer.

At 53, I am mighty close to that age myself, but I understand what they are saying–it is not that they are saying that the individuals involved will die, but that what one might call the “movement” is dying out–it does not attract younger people. Thus, when those who got involved back then die, there will be very few to replace them.

If you look at what parts of the Church in the US are growing, it is in the more traditional areas: the more traditional dioceses have more vocations; the more traditional orders have more vocations, etc.

But no one is looking forward to the *people *dying–we are hoping for their inner conversion and acceptance of God’s will! (and by this I am referring to true dissenters, like those who disagree with the Church about abc and the like.)

I don’t think this church is going to last. In the photo set which accompanied the news article, there were only three people in the pews for Mass. One of them acted as lector and another one acted as a eucharistic minister.

De facto, what he did was leave the Church and start his own religion. Why doesn’t he just come out and say it?

Someday I would like to see a study or poll or some other type of scholarship directed at the reasons why the Church began to shrink so noticeably after Vatican II. Was there a causal relationship here? Was it really Vatican II that changed everything and caused people to leave? Truthfully, it wasn’t Vatican II that changed everything, it was the bogus “Spirit of Vatican II” that so many liberals clung to that caused things like wreckovation in parish churches and widespread dissent on topics such as artificial birth control and the ordination of women. Could it be true that this false spirit chased out many devout people who missed their uniquely Catholic culture? That the people who left the Church were traditionalists at heart, but had nowhere to run to benefit from the Extraordinary Form of the Mass or like-minded individuals? Could it be that the declining vocations to the priesthood and the religious life were precipitated because people perceived those noble vocations to be contaminated by liberal thought?

Truthfully, I don’t know. We know what happened and we can see how the Church has suffered in the intervening 50 years. I can only pray that for as many people who are alienated by the “reform of the reform” in liturgical and doctrinal matters, that even more people will experience a fresh attraction to a Church who is truly undergoing a Renaissance and should be attracting people and energizing the faith of the people who are already members.

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