Dissing traditional beliefs: Gov’t official’s remark labeled Stalin-esque

It seems that: "The Oregonian quotes Labor Commissioner Brad Avakian as saying: “The goal is never to shut down a business. The goal is to rehabilitate.” - See more at: onenewsnow.com//legal-courts/2013/08/15/dissing-traditional-beliefs-gov%E2%80%99t-official%E2%80%99s-remark-labeled-stalin-esque#.Ug58UawkzhE

Does anyone from Oregon know if this person is a Roman Catholic? Sounds like the beginning of “re-education.” I wonder if it will be like what happened in Viet Nam or in the countries taken over by Communism. So, it looks like persecution and re-education of Roman Catholics is escalating. The bakery in question probably was run by Christians but this may be God encouraging us to grow stronger as the ride is going to get rougher. I pray we can all endure and love others as our Lord has loved us. May the triumph of the cross shine forth in our lives no matter what happens. May we all stay faithful.

The left is totalitarian to its core because it wants people to do things that are against human nature. And for that, you need force.


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