Distracted Driving....Again

This may not be the same thing, but my car insurance has an app I can download that tracks my driving. If I drive well it knocks a whole lot off my insurance bill. Things like using my phone, braking too hard, and being unsteady in my driving would knock points off and decrease my discount.


As someone who drives professionally for a living, I’m confident that distracted driving is mortally sinful. They place all of us at grave risk. I’ve seen SO MANY accidents and near accidents because of cell phones.

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Hm, doesn’t look very useful for me, as I often use my phone as a GPS.

*grave matter

I’ve heard about that… and half considered it. What kind of savings potential is there? As much as 20-30%?

Saving one accident from distracted driving is worth giving up the bad habit.

This will depend on your particular insurance, so I cannot say. Other insurance may or may not offer the same opportunity.

fair point

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