Distractions During Mass, part deux: Sorry about that


Just quickly before this thread gets closed down, I would like to apologise for any offence I caused yesterday on the other thread.

@Loud-living-dogma was right in that my own experience of babies is quite limited. However, to answer his/ her question, yes I was suggesting that “mom and baby go to the car every week … week in and week out.”.

@JulianN thanks for telling me that the pope has spoken about this subject, I didn’t know that. I have looked it up and of course I retract my comments.

Having given the subject more thought I think that perhaps the problem lies elsewhere. I’m guessing the people who were criticising me yesterday were all or mostly women or older men. Men of my generation (I’m thirty years old) associate breasts with sex and porn and immorality. That’s not a good thing obviously, but its undeniably true.

Anyway, I’m sorry it I guess I was in a particularly self-righteous mood last night.



Thank you for your apology.

Many of us breastfeeding moms think it will actually do a lot of good for breastfeeding to become a normal public behavior again, because it will “de-pornify” women’s bodies. I can understand the discomfort and certainly don’t try to make anyone uncomfortable, but my sons have all seen me feed my babies since birth. I think this is good for them. My husband was not used to seeing breastfeeding before we had children, but for him it is normal now and it doesn’t bug him to see other women do it, either. IMO, the more normal it becomes, the better.


Thanks for the apology but I don’t feel it was strictly necessary. You don’t know what you don’t know and if you haven’t knowingly been around breastfeeding women a lot, it can be easy to think that sensationalized stories of women whipping their breasts out for all to see are the norm. I’m glad to see that you took our points to heart and dug further.

I tend to come out guns blazing on this subject anyway. I also apologize for that as I could have gotten my points across more charitably.


Thank you. Yes, I’m a woman who discreetly breastfed her babies at a time when women were being told to go to the bathroom to feed their child. In the late 1980’s, a few lines of “nursing clothing” were being introduced that were specifically created for moms to be able to discreetly feed their babies in public without having to run the risk of exposing themselves. I posted a picture of an ad from a recent website that offers those same kind of tops. The mother in the picture is what most of us that have nursed babies or are husbands of women who have nursed babies in public think of when we hear “breastfeeding in church”. You are so very correct in your observation that an entire generation of young men view breasts as nothing more than sexual playthings instead of what God intended them for. Perhaps you can be the change among your male friends and colleagues that have that view.


Men your age who have not participated in porn and immoral sexual practices actually don’t usually associate breast feeding with sex, porn, or immorality. They associate it with normal motherhood and infancy. The “elsewhere” the problem lies in is porn and sexual immorality and their ability to distort the willing mind to objectify women and their bodies. It’s not “truth”, it’s a sick, distorted perception of a healthy, normal reality.


Now there’s something I never thought I’d see on CAF!


A lot of those of us who are just women do that too. I think it’s hard to have the view of breasts as purely sexual, without moving to an environment where women’s bodies (covered or not) are viewed pornographically.


I think actually there are more 30 year old men who see breastfeeding as normal, compared to 60 or 70 year old men.


my son is your age, grew up in the country, mostly associates infants and feeding with milk and the cycle of life.
Its crucial to get a baby animal suckling.

Breastfeeding mothers should not have to take a baby to a car in heat or cold in order to feed. Any idea how uncomfortable and risky that would be.


Just imagine if the OP or others knew what might be going on in a baby’s diaper DURING Mass! Maybe babies should be banned – they really don’t know how to behave at all! :rofl::rofl::rofl:



Oh, we’ve had a couple occasions where babies have loudly “announced” such goings-on, where people in front of or behind us definitely heard all about it! And then there was the time we had an explosion, and didn’t have a backup outfit, so baby only had a diaper on for the rest of Mass (thankfully it was the summer time!) Talk about immodesty! :astonished::laughing:


diaper is such a cute term


Do you call them nappies? Because I think that is such a cute term. :smiley:


yep, nappies :slight_smile:


Oh really you should really make that baby behave better and please cover that diaper up we certainly do not need people seeing an immodest diaper. Ha ha I am only kidding I am glad that you bring your children to mass and I am glad that you feed them when they are hungry I do not have children but I have heard that breast milk oh no I wrote breast on here is the best thing you can feed a baby. It sounds like you are a really good mommy.


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