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what are we to say when we distribute communion during Mass? our priest says we can address them if we know that particular person and say Janet, Body of Christ or Janet Blood of Christ - can we do this? He claims we are a friendly church:confused:

The rubrics in any Missal state it quite clearly - we are to say “The Body of Christ” or “The Blood of Christ”. Nothing else. It is foolishness to encourage using a name if we know it because we are “friendly”. So, then, are we unfriendly to those whose names we don’t know?

Why on earth do some priests insist on meddling with clear instructions!? :shrug:

No it is not permitted to say a persons name. “The Body of Christ” and The Blood of Christ" are the only authorized words to be used.

I had the opportunity to read the official handbook for EMHCs of the Archdiocese of Detroit last weekend. It explicitly instructs not to say the name of the communicant. It gave a reason, but I’ve forgotten what it was.


ok… so what do you do when you go to communion and the EMHC insists on saying your name? We have a husband/wife duo that do this all the time. It makes me uncomfortable but I say nothing because this is a small town and everyone knows everyone and the wife would take great offense, the husband might too, but I am sure of the wife. She is a nice woman but very temperamental. I haven’t spoken with the priest as he is fairly new and I would prefer to get to know him before I say anything so he knows I am genuinely concerned not just a complainer.


You could politely ask them to follow the instruction, and say only “Body or Blood of Christ”. You might also have a copy of the instruction to show them.

Personally, I would go to a different station to receive, It is easier than trying to get someone to change.


(from USCCB Liturgy Committee-Reception of Holy Communion at Mass)

The person distributing Communion says audibly to each person approaching, ‘The Body of Christ’. This formula should not be altered, as it is a proclamation which calls for a response of faith on the part of the one who receives. The communicant should audibly respond ‘Amen,’ indicating by that response his or her belief that this small wafer of bread, the wine in this chalice are in reality the body and blood of Christ the Lord.

Don’t interrupt Communion to do this. Either do it before Mass or wait until afterward.

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Yes, I thought that would be understood, but thanks for bringing it up.


what is prescribed in the GIRM?
if it says “The Body of Christ” that is what you say, no additions, no deletions. period. read the book.

you don’t do anything. you respond “amen” and receive. it is not your job to correct the minister, it is the pastor’s job. if it is an ongoing offense bring it to the pastor’s attention sometime outside of Mass. for the nonce, concentrate on the wonder and awe of receiving our Lord in communion.

Hi Annie,

I do agree with you in general, but if something was very distracting to me, I would try to do something. I would try to receive from someone else, but I don’t think I would complain to the Pastor before discussing it with the person.


you would not do so during Mass. This person has received their instructions from the pastor, so the pastor is the person to talk to. Why put that person on the spot, when they are, in all good faith and good will, following their instructions?

Yes, you are correct

Actually I was remembering this post when I responded.


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