District, dad at odds over soldier photo

This is just nuts!
**District, dad at odds over soldier photo **
**By the Herald staff **
An 8-year-old’s school project has caused a stir in West Richland.
The third-grader at Wiley Elementary included a photo of his father, Army Reserve Cpl. David Henes, in an autobiography assignment. The boy identified Henes as his hero.
But school leaders asked that the photo be replaced because it shows the soldier, who’s in uniform, holding an M-16. The request upset Henes, 34, because carrying a weapon is part of his job, he said.
“It’s just a picture of an American soldier,” he said.
Mike Kirby, the district’s assistant superintendent, said the request wasn’t meant to be hurtful or offensive. School staffers thought a picture of Henes in uniform without a weapon would be more appropriate for the classroom, he said.
Henes agreed to switch out the photos, and his son was able to present the project, he said.
But “we’re providing freedom. Part of that freedom (comes because) we’re an armed force,” he said. “… I don’t think this is a fair thing.”

Oh, for crying out loud. The name of the Richland High School sports teams is The Bombers, and their logo depicts a mushroom cloud.

This name was chosen because the tri-cities area is home to the Hanford nuclear facility where the material in the US first atomic bombs were created, and which continued to be a major source of materials for nuclear weapons for decades.

I’m amazed that a Richland school would be so intolerant of the men and women in service to our country.

You’re right, it’s nuts.

Well then, if/when it comes down to it, that district can defend themselves with paperclips and glue sticks, while the rest of us are defended by real men and women who give their lives for this country - and sometimes that means taking the lives of others.

This world is going to hell faster than I can count.


I didn’t know this. That even makes this story more ridicules!


A man in a US Service Uniform carrying an M-16: Not OK
Mushroom Cloud: OK

You have passed this portion of the examination. Please proceed to the next portion on page 12 entitled: “Even More Stupid Stuff”

The school asked the boy to write an autobiography. They have absolutely no business telling him what he can include in the writing. No wonder our schools are in such pitiful shape. Another example of the politically correct teachers unions run amok.

I’m surprised at most of the responses in this thread.

It’s an EIGHT year old’s classroom - while discussing heroism, patriotism, community service, and sacrifice are fine, clearly weapons are not positive images. We don’t use M-16s to groom our pets at home; we use them to intimidate, injure, and kill. Would it really be any different if a child included a picture of their dad as a surgeon, dressed in surgical gowns and posed with an array of scalpels, clamps, and the like? It’s also a noble profession, but the reality of that particular image might be scary to many.

The ELEMENTARY school’s mascot are the Wiley “Coyotes”, not the high school’s “Bombers”.

The request to find a different photo was accommodated. I see no other reason to take this request to the press other than to rile up the “guns and religion” types.

The wimpization of America. Brought to you by…our government.

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