I only have a couple hours before I go to Mass, so I’d like an answer as fast as you can give one.** When does distrust of God become mortal, and is it applicable to my situation(sources if possible to prove your point)?** Normally I’d just go to Confession, but this is the only thing I’d confess, and I’d rather not waste my priest’s time if it isn’t mortal.

Lately, I’ve been questioning all my innocent actions(conversation, sports, etc.), as for some reason, since they make me happy, I’m letting down God. I second guess all of these after I’m finished, as I was in mortal sin for a while in my life, and I’m scared I’ll fall back into it, and that God won’t help me avoid it(as He can’t mess with free will). The answer’s probably obvious to you, reader, but is this anything to worry about? Or should I be fine to receive?


You’re fine. Don’t try to micro-manage God. He’s glad you enjoy doing some of the things He invented. He’s glad you can find happiness. Now go to church. And be happy about that too.




So - why do you think God wants you to be unhappy?


I went to Mass and received, as per the advice I had already gotten, added on to the fact that I could not think of a certain time where I gravelly distrusted God with full knowledge of what I was doing and with consent. I’m 99% sure I’m fine, but the other 1% is what I’m worried about.

So - why do you think God wants you to be unhappy?(Bonnie)

I don’t, it’s just a matter of the best way of happiness. On my list, there’s three ways of happiness: sin, innocent happiness with God’s creation, and happiness with God. I feel like since I’m not at the highest point, I’m letting him down.


I’m sure you’re familiar with the first chapters of Genesis, but read them again - slowly. When God created this world He said it was all good. Do you think He doesn’t want us to be happy in it? I know for myself I can’t act as if I’m in Heaven and all I see is God. What I’m seeing now is His Creation; I take pleasure in it and thank Him for it.

And do note - that’s YOUR list - not God’s. :smiley:


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