Disturbing Anecdotes

For elementary school children, popular media includes the smartphone, and it is not harmless.

Rod Dreher quotes a reader of his blog:

Our daughter was asked by a boy to provide oral sex for him at recess…in first grade. Boy was from a nice church-going Christian family but he had a smart phone and he and other boys were spending their time on porn sites all during school at recess and at lunch. Parents were nice people but clueless about what their kid could access via the phone and the teachers are too busy with academics to be paying attention.


Yup. About 15 years ago there was a girl on the public school bus who was “famous” for providing this service on the back seat of the bus.
A person with a video camera finally got footage and the “legend” became a sordid reality for that community.
Nothing new, but I agree, it has reached critical proportions.
Such are the fruits of our liberal “everybody gets sex 24-7” society.

We should be all offering prayers for the purity of our youth. We’ve certainly made it easy for them to lose it.

I’ll second Mr. Dreher’s recommendation of Hold Onto Your Kids. It’s an excellent book.

I just want to add that this generally doen’st come out of nowhere.

6-year-olds don’t know what pornography is unless someone tells them.

when I was growing up, I had many friends who would find out about these things from their older siblings/cousins or other older kids at school. and there were no smart phones in those days. it still managed to get around

so it’s nore likely that someone showed them then them just randomly stumbling over it

Kids that young shouldn’t have phones at that age. All of that technology is not good for children in their formative years. Such things only promote passivity and stifle imagination, which is dangerous because this allows people to be manipulated, hinders the ability to be moral individuals and if you go further, the trampling of freedom by despotic ideologues.

By the way, it wouldn’t be shocking if the media’s beloved ‘enlightened experts’ in the future will tell us if porn makes them happy it just needs to be made safe because of ‘evidence’ and that the simple but wise approach any responsible parent would take i.e. it’s bad for them and it needs to stop is ‘wrong’.

I certainly agree that kids that age should not have smart phones. Of course, when I was in kindergarten there were no smart phones. But it was still shocking to me that kindergarten children would be viewing porn at recess and asking for oral sex.

Another quote from the article:

To hand a child a smartphone and assume self control on his part (or HER part–girls watch the same content) is an abdication of our duty. To allow a child to spend too much time apart from us or a trusted member of our circle is an abdication of duty. It doesn’t matter that you’re grooming them for an elite college and all the activities you chose are good. It matters that they are not with us or close members of our circle. Paid substitutes–with rare exceptions–do not count. Content controls are a joke.

A girl in particular at my former high school was known for this. I doubted that story, now I feel naive for not believing it.

This little boy is a victim as well. Children act out this way when they’ve been victimized.

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