Disturbing news about Planned Parenthood Abortion "Super Center!"

Hi fellow Catholics (and secularists/Jews/anyone else),

I was just surfing the net this early morning, and I came upon a very shocking piece of news that got to me to the point where I had to just share it with like-minded people.

It’s about Planned Parenthood’s latest new site. It’s more like Auschwitz Part 2! They’re calling it the Abortion “Super Center” down in Houston, TX.

I may think about protesting there myself. What does everyone else think about this abortion machine?


Good on ya m8. Dont forget to say a prayer to St Michael. Its war out there,

there was a protest on Monday but i believe there is another scheduled for Saturday. According the chron.com PP is saying the center won’t do late-term abortion but that has been in the plan since the beginning of its construction.

It’s utterly appalling and disgusting. It is anti-life, anti-woman, eugenicist, racist, segregationist, and discriminating in many other ways, and just plain EVIL!!!

The abortion “super center” is like those women’s hospitals that later changed their names into clinics and health centers in order to be less prone to federal investigation. They are DEATH CHAMBERS for women as well as children!



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