Ditching satellite, how to get EWTN?

We are cutting out Dish to save money and because we do not watch it very much. I did buy a blueray with built in wifi and subscribed to Netflix. It seems that, with a digital antenna, will cover all of our needs, except for my need for EWTN. I know I can watch EWTN online, and if that's my only choice, that would not be babd, but is there an app for the blueray to stream it to my TV?

There was another thread about this not long ago...which I'll try to find.

Take a look HERE


Some of the EWTN programming is available on EWTN youTube.


EWTN should put all their programming on youTube and sell memberships to the site.

the fact that they offer not only free live streaming of radio and tv in english and spanish, but also keep free audio archives of the shows they produce, is rather amazing to me. those audio archives helped me get through some tough spots for sure.

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