Diverse, desperate migrants have divided European Christians

HOW are the guardians of Europe’s historically dominant faith reacting to the hundreds of thousands of people who are now trying to reach the continent’s heart in search of relief from war or poverty? In two diametrically opposing ways. On one hand, European churches and religious charities have played a prominent role in succouring migrants and campaigning for them to be treated decently. On the other, politicians on the nationalist right are beating the drum of Christian nativism; they have redoubled their warnings about the threat to Europe’s long-established religious culture.
And in several countries, that is leading to some harsh public arguments between rival camps and rival readings of Christianity: broadly speaking, between right-wing politicians and progressive clerics. In Italy, for example, Catholic churches and welfare agencies have found a new passion as helpers of poor migrants and as lobbyists for their interests. Pope Francis set the tone two years ago when he made a trip to the island of Lampedusa, where migrants were arriving, and made an eloquent denunciation of the “globalisation of indifference”. The church’s involvement with helping migrants predated that trip, and it has become even more visible this year. Today the pope urged every parish and religious community in Europe to accommodate a refugee family.


The Pope has been vocal in supporting the migrants as they arrive in Europe.

This crisis is going to lead to an explosion in support for far right parties. This false humanitarianism will lead to colossal hatred and violence if it persists. Don’t be fooled.

Thank you Son of Niall for the update on
what is happening in Europe w/ the migrants,
may God grant them supple hearts to take
in all those refugees/migrants!!!

Hail Mary, full of grace,
blessed are you among women,
blessed is the fruit of your womb, Jesus.
Holy Mary, Mother of God,
pray for us sinners now, and
at the hour of our death.

No, they aren’t cockroaches: How the Church can change the migrant debate

Fed for so long with a diet of fear-mongering and hatred, something in the British psyche seems to have snapped. The image of a single drowned refugee child, and the story behind his death, cannot be reconciled with the language of “swarms” and even “cockroaches” used by politicians and journalists. This week, we have seen a change of mood that holds the promise of a more hospitable response to those in need.

Church leaders have rightly been prominent in calling for this change. But it is the work of local congregations which will determine how deep and long-lasting its impact will be.

For months, Citizens UK and Avaaz have been collecting pledges from congregations, households, landlords and local councils; specific, concrete commitments to house and welcome refugees.


E.U.'s Right-Wing Parties Surging Thanks To Migrant Crisis

Fascinating logic.
Should African Americans have stayed in slavery because it might cause the creation of the Ku Klux Klan?

If this migration of people seeking a better life result in colossal hatred and violence, that hatred and violence will be the result of God’ people yet again not getting His message. True, the challenge is daunting and scary for us. Couldn’t the same be said of people meeting Jesus and His thousands of backers during Holy Week? The Jewish people must have been torn as well: some believing in the Christ and others proclaiming Him a false prophet and blasphemer.

So, do we see Christ in our brothers and sisters from distant lands or do we only see the “infidel” they MUST be because they don’t believe in our religion?


That is the question isn’t it? Strangely this is a test of faith. If we truly follow Jesus we should embrace the migrants after all Jesus Mary And Joseph did migrate to Egypt and back. Yet, this could lead to persecution as Islam becomes the dominant religion in Europe. Is this a problem ? Strangely no. After all Jesus said there would be persecution.

Glad our Pope is leading the way to a genuine Christian response.

Who is trying to fool us?

So the Church in your moniker is wrong?

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