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I was on vacation recently and was thrilled to see that I was a minority at the Mass I attended. Being from a fairly white mid-western parish I always enjoy seeing the Universal Church look like the global Church that it is. It got me wondering how diverse the population here on CAF is.


I voted for “Asian” though my nationality is Filipino. We’re in the same part of the world as the Japanese and Chinese, etc.


Caucasian: Pure WASP lol. English, Irish, Scottish, and Welsh.


Hispanic - 100% white, blond, blue eyed Mexican (born and raised, but reside in the US)… well, at least 10 generations of my family have been of Mexican heritage. I’m pretty sure before that we had some Italian since my great-great-grandmother was the last in our family to carry out the Italian last name.


Half Hispanic (Mexican), half Caucasian mix (Irish, Scottish, Dutch, English, probably German).


Half white, half Native American. I am equally proud of both ancestries.:smiley:


Half Yugoslavian, Half Polish/Irish/German = 100% American




Half Catalan, half Irish, so I’m not from the Caucusus. :wink:


I’m a white African living in the USA.


I’m a mutt. :smiley: Polish, Irish, English, a tad bit of German… I’m sure there’s a few other things in there.


I was thinking of asking sort of a similar question, but more directed at “converts”. I myself am of Danish parents ( who were raised Lutheran and then abandoned faith altogether ).

I wanted to ask if everyone was the religion of their upbringing/ancestry, what religion would they be then?


So does that mean you voted African or Caucasian?


So half of you does not exsist? That is so Awesome! :stuck_out_tongue:


I am like you, I am not from Caucusus. I am 100% American but my Biological ancestry is something like 75% German and 25% Irish (maybe more German and less Irish). My “nurture” ancestry though is 50% German (my dad’s dad was an immigrant from Germany and his mom was either the first child born in the US or just a baby when her parents immigrated) and 50% Irish (my mom was adopted and her parents were Irish and Scotch but the Irish took precedence in her life).

Brenda V.


I voted African because that was the closest thing, but I’m African-American, and culturally there is a difference.


I’m half Japanese, half mixed British. Both parents were born in Canada, my Mom’s side are Anglican, and my Dad’s are Buddhist. My parents are both Anglican. I usually identify as sansei, third generation Japanese-Canadian. My kids, although they’ll be three-quarters Causcasian, are yonsei, fourth generation Japanese-Canadian.

Mostly I’m confusing-looking. People stare at me, and I can see the mental calculations going, “She’s not white… not Filipino… doesn’t look really Asian… Hispanic? That doesn’t look right either…”


1/2 Polish, 1/2 German (with French undertones… near border originally) 100% American

both sides 100% Catholic


I voted African :cool: Both my parents and one grandparent were born in Africa, so I’m sort of a 3rd generation white African. I moved to the USA when I was 10. Everyone thought I was from a millitary or missionary family, but that’s just where I’m from!


50% English
25% Tuscan Italian(that’s the one that takes precedence, as we have family over there)
12.5% Austrian
12.5% German/Scottish/Spanish


I don’t think we’re very diverse, according to the poll, anyway!

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