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I voted “Combination”. I never did the percentages, but here is my heritage:

My Father is of German, Irish, English descent and my Mother is of Filipino, Spanish and Chinese descent. That makes me and my siblings a real “melting pot” in America! :slight_smile:

Now when my husband and I have kids, they’ll add some more Irish and English and Polish.


They had nothing I was willing to choose, but I’m mostly Black - at least at face value.

My father’s mother was “Amexitalian” - American Indian, Mexican and Italian

My mother’s father was half German, half American Indian

My mother’s mother was Black, American Indian, Italian

I’m not certain of my father’s father, but do know that there was Italian and German in there (hence my last name).

When it all washes out, I’m ‘The American Dream’ - and very proud of that!


Wow - I just realized there really is not place for my husband to fit (other than “other”) - he’s from England - where does that go? Not to mention all the other European countries? That’s a lot to cram under “other”.




Well Liza - most people try to use the word Caucasian for anyone of Northern European origins so, all those people in this poll would be that but if you see my post you will see that I refused to be classified as such - I contend that if we must classify ourselves by our ancestry then we need a classification that isn’t “Anglo-Saxon” or “Caucasian” or even “white” - maybe we need a classification of “Northern European” or just “European” and that would include all of the British Isles.

You can also see that there are Africans who do not have dark skin, they are as lily white and fair as I am with my mostly Germanic heritage!

Sorry, OP, this is just a real sore point for me and I have many friends who are of a “minority” group and hate this kind of question as well. I understand what you are asking but a better question to see how diverse we are is to see what Country we live in or were born in:D.

Brenda V.


I would like to know: is the question about our NATIONAL origins, or ETHNIC identity, or what?

There are lots of ways to identify people.

And… the choices in the poll, by which you are limited, in some cases are asking for one thing, and in other cases, the other.

(My mother had an Arabic friend that was Black and his name was Chico… I thought that was so neat)


I’m Filipino, so Asian. I am also 1/4 Chinese (paternal grandfather a Chinese iimmigrant) and admixture of Spanish-German -Filipino (traced from a genetic disease:eek: ) on the maternal side.


I agree.

Which is why I always choose ‘Black’, since I’m not African-American


Caucasian - Slavonic

75% Serbian
25% Slovenian (maternal grandfather came to Belgrade from Slovenia during WWII, fleeing the Nazis. He was Catholic, and so was my mother.)


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