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Ever since I really began to learn about my faith at age twelve, I’ve had a desire to be a Priest. Now, a few years on, that desire is still present, and several people seem to have me lined up for the seminary. I would love to be a Priest of Jesus Christ and would love to serve Holy Mother Church in this way. But my heart is divided.

I very often experience homosexual attraction and sometimes find it very difficult to look at men of my age without having such desires. It’s so horrible to look at a human being and feel disordered attraction to them. I don’t want this, as St. Paul said “I do the very thing I hate”.

I really don’t know what I should do. I wonder whether I should give up all hope of ever becoming a Priest, but there is nothing I want more to do with my life. I have and never would act out these vile desires and hope they will go away. But I know I cannot burry my head in the sand and pretend I don’t experience them. I want my heart to love Our Lord’s and nothing else, but more often than not my heart is set on flesh, the world and ultimately the devil.

Any prayers and advice concerning my situation would be appreciated.


Have you talked to your Priest about any of this? If you haven’t, why don’t you call him and make an appointment, or ask if you can speak with him (if he has time) after Mass. I’m not saying you have to, but I think you should talk to your Priest about this potential vocation, especially since you are having such feelings towards the same sex. You say that several people “seem” to have you lined up for the Seminary. Do they know about these feelings you are having?

I hope I could help you out. I will keep you in my prayers.



Just think, the vast majority of priests have to battle being tempted by the opposite sex so temptation is there no matter what your orientation is. How you respond is another issue. Whether gay or straight, the priest who gives in to that temptation is under mortal sin. Pope Francis summed it up very well on his trip back from Brazil. It’s the sin we hate, not the sinner. And then he added that he would not judge his priest.

If your vocation is true you should go for it. If uncomfortable talking to your own priest, ask the diocese to reccommend one.


You should pray over you having feelings for fellow men that it should go away_not that i am condeming you but that’s a sin nowonder God created man and woman.you should also pray that God shows you your vacation.will remeber to put you in my prayers.


The Church has been very clear that it will not accept men for the priesthood who have acted out same sex attractions. However, if you are only having these feelings and not acting on them, then I don’t think it would be a hindrance. Perhaps you should seek the local chapter of Courage in your area. It is a Catholic-run organization specifically for people like you who have SSA but want to live a chaste life.


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