Dividing my time


I’m looking for a little guidance on dividing my time properly. I love reading scripture but often feel that I need to spend more time in prayer and reading other Faith based literature. Is there any practical advise on the best way to divide my time among the many rich aspects of my Catholic Faith.

Thank you all and God Bless,


An easy way to read Scripture that will allow you to read the Bible from cover to cover is to set aside 15 minutes per day. This is plenty of time to read 3 chapters a day plus 5 on Sunday, a method that allowed me to read several different translations.
I like the Liturgy of the Hours. When I am working I may only have time for either Evening Prayer or Morning Prayer.
Within the LOTH, there is also the Office of Readings. I do not have the 4 volume set which gives specific Biblical and non-Biblical readings for each day. I follow the schedule in the back of my single volume Christian Prayer for Biblical readings. After that I may read a couple of pages or a chapter of a spiritual classic, or even a more modern book. Examples of books I have read this way include Interior Castle, Story of a Soul, and Dark Night of the Soul. Currently I am reading Early Christian Lives and have just finished reading the Life of Antony by Athanasius.
My Spiritual Director had me using Lectio Divina as a starting pointing for my daily journal, a practice to which I need to return.
At times I have copied the daily schedules of different religious orders with the purpose of adapting their schedules to my lifestyle, with limited success. The latest that I copied has a half hour from 3pm to 3:30 set aside for Spiritual Reading.

I hope this helps and is not overwhelming.


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