Divine Eternity


As I ponder upon God’s creation of creation, the Mystery seems small to God’s Eternity. I think, “How can He be forever?” I think back to a google plex years (so to speak) and say, “Ah, God is! But did He really exist before that?” Indeed, He existed forever, and oh what a great and astouding thing that is! What faith it takes to say He is Eternal! What enormous faith it takes to believe He has always been, forever, never not being, always is! No one can comprehend His infinite Life, yet our attempts to help us understand the Lord’s Majesty.


I know, I laugh at myself when I try and comprehend God’s eternity. I never will in this life…and that is okay with me. Just as we cannot comprehend the timelessness of God, we cannot comprehend how much love he has for us!


Yep! That’s another good point, too: God loved us for eternity before He made us. That is real love!


A Mystery, indeed. :yup:

I have always tried to picture one of those infinity mirrors in my mind… as a sort of crude illustration of God’s Eternal Being. Do you know the ones I’m talking about?

You look at the mirror, and inside you see another mirror. Inside that mirror, you see another mirror… and on and on… until the image becomes so miniscule, that you can’t see it anymore.

It’s kind of like that, with God. He is in the Universe… and also in the tiniest particle of an atom.

Awesome! :thumbsup:


Many times I have tried to ponder this Great Mystery. Some prayer time, then off to a quiet place. It only takes a couple minutes before I have a splitting headache. Too much! Too Mysterious!

And then I chuckle when I think off a Scott Hahn tape I heard. Hahn said someone once asked John Calvin what God did for all eternity before creation. Calvin’s supposed reply : God was preparing hell for those who ask impertinent questions. Hahn went on, that someone asked the same question to Augustine. Augustine’s supposed reply : God didn’t do anything because He didn’t have time.


That’s a good meditation! It reminds me that God is always is, He is always now, never than. From eternity, He is. He is eternally young, eternally ageless, so to speak.


Haha! That is so true. :slight_smile: Whereas creatures advance from beginning to beginning, God is the Beginning Itself. Whereas creatures advance toward an end, God is the End Itself. And whereas creatures advance from beginning to end, God is the Beginning and the End Itself; the First is the Last and the Last is the First, they are One, the same thing, the same God.

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