Divine Institution?


Is the Church a Divine Institution or is it a both human and Divine Institution? Would it be right to correct someone who said or implied that the Church is a human institution by saying that that is not correct, and telling them that the Church is a divine institution?


That’s a great question! I don’t know the answer either (nothing new there though! :))

Jesus did not come to found the Church, the Church is the institution that grew up to protect the deposit of Divine Revelation and spread the good news of Gods love to all people. It has a divine mission certainly, but is it divine in itself? I think historically it has made itself look pretty human and fallible and often political.

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The Catechism (771) says the Church is “one complex reality which comes together from a human and a divine element” and says that “the Church is essentially both human and divine”


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Jesus did found the Church. I am almost certain that that is a dogma of the faith that is required to be believed by all Catholics. Can anyone else back me up on this and verify this with official documents?


The Church was instituted by Christ. It contains both human and Divine elements.


It’s like the Bible, which is “the Word of God in the words of men” - the Church is founded by the God-man Jesus Christ, but it is in no way exempted from human sinfulness, because its members on earth are sinful, fallible, very imperfect human beings. Bible & Church are both limited in various ways - but that does not in the least hinder Almighty God from bringing about His purposes; if anything, there is a sort of humility in His working through what is limited & imperfect. :slight_smile:

If Christ could do His Will only through perfected or flawless saints, the Church would be empty. In fact however, He has seen fit to do His Will through people who are very far from perfect.


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